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Gloves for heated grips


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Typically, those gloves with PCM (Phase Change Material) have been pretty highly spoken of because of how they insulate. Those would include the Rev'it! Fahrenheits and Celcius as well as Lee Parks' winter gloves. You'll find several reviews of the older Celcius out there. I own the fahrenheits and like them a lot so far. However, one of the "problems" for me so far has been that the gloves have been so warm (despite how thin they are) that I haven't needed the heated grips yet. However, from what I've read, the PCM stuff tends to transfer the heat quite well.


Also, the Lee Parks are almost ALWAYS very highly spoken of.

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I had some Thurlow customs made with no insulation on the palm and they are great. Not sure Thurlow is still in business. I also used some of Hoon's elk skin gloves made for heated grips with insulation only on the back. They too work fine. If you take a look at the higher end Held gloves, they have kangaroo skin palm with no insulation and they work very will heated grips. They have a lot of insulation on the back along with armor and even have some armor buttons on the "heal" of the hand but it does not interfere with the heat transfer. All three of these gloves are excellent.

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OK, just thought I'd add this:


I just went for my first "longish" ride tonight in freezing temps with my Rev'it! Fahrenheit's, and they performed quite well. I don't think I could have taken the temps without heated grips, but with the grips (and Gerbing jacket) on high, my hands were never cold (especially once the heat started on the grips) for the full 2 hours I was on the bike. They did get hot twice, but with temps several degrees below freezing, cooling your hands off at 80mph is EASY. Also, keep in mind that I was on an r12st with very little wind protection for hands. Once I slowed to surface street speeds (<50mph), I didn't need the grip warmers at all.


I don't know the exact temps, but it was probably around 25-27F. I don't plan on ever riding much below those temps, so I'm happy with these.

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I like the performance of BMW's winter glove. I recently purchased a pair and have been using them for a month now. I ride in mid-twenties and thirty degree weather with no complaints.

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+1 on the Gerbings G3s and no grip warmers...


Of course, another practical, tho' less attractive, option is to use "Hippo Hands" in conjunction with your regular gloves. thumbsup.gif

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IMO Hippo Hands are butt ugly but very functional. They allow use of thinner gloves for better control feel yet keep your hands warm. They look ugly but feel good!! (I think there was a joke that had that line)

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