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Brighter Turn signals


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I have the running lights in place and was wondering if there are any brighter bulbs that can be put in there to make the running lights a little brighter at night? I was hoping that there would be and LED replacement by now but I can not locate one. Anyone done this yet?

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If you have the RUN-N-LITES type of running lights, they came standard with 1157 type dual filament bulbs. You can obtain type 2357 to replace the 1157. The type 2357 is the same candlepower rating on low filament and about 20% brighter on high filament. You can even get "long life" 2357 bulbs which are rated for twice the hours of a standard 1157. About $3 per pair at the local auto parts store - a cheap way to increase conspicuity!



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Ok, LEd's arrived.

Got superbright 24 w/18 wide angle and 6 around the edge.

Not what I hoped for.

Perhaps a 30 led with narrow field would be better.

The ones I got are not significantly brighter (clear lens cover, running lights converted, changed one side and compared in day and night) than the dual filament amber 1157's I'm using now.

In addition, flash rate is faster, you need another part to regulate it.

I may try the bulb above and see.

Haven't given up on the LED's.

If I don't find sumptin at the bike show in Atlanta, I'm ordering a kit w/6 pods and 2 strips to install on the sides of my GT.

I do a lot of riding in the dark.

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Jerry Johnston

If you don't want running lights, you could tie the two elements together for a brighter turn signal. Not likely that heat would be a problem since they're not on steady.. And if you use LED bulbs heat isn't a problem anyway. If you don't have running lights you'll need to change the sockets first.

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