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Electrical Load "Problem" solved


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Well, it was cold in Florida, at least it was cold for us and with the cold came the heated jacket liners for me and the wife.


Well, I'm thinking they're both not going to be working through the standard Powerlet without tripping some circuit so I grabbed the old direct wire harness from the Harley, connected to the battery with fuse and plugged her junk into that while I plugged into the standard left side plug.


Worked great. thumbsup.gif I think we've taken care of available power for all future heated clothing!


I've got a Centech AP-1 just sitting here on the desk, but it was quicker just to hook up directly to the battery for now and it looks like it might be permanent unless I actually need some more connections under the seat.



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That is what I did with my bike as well. I use the power outlet on the bike to run my GPS.


I actually had no problem running my Widder vest and arm chaps off the stock outlet. However I wanted to run both my vest and my GPS and I wanted a way to easily charge my battery. The harness that came with my Battery Tender was a perfect solution.

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I use this method on all my bikes.

Gerbings direct wire harness is only about $15 and comes with a 20 amp fuse installed.

Plug it into my tank bag to run my farkles and have another inside the tank bag to run my heated gear. I used a glove harness within the tank bag (another $15 or so) to provide a connection to the outlet and the remaining two connectors got wired to my battery charger and my BMW Carbon heated vest for when I don't need the Gerbings but want a little backup warmth, it packs smaller than the Gerbings liner.


Only problem I have is a mental one. Occasionally, I will attempt to plug my headphones into the power connector which results in a popped fuse. I keep a package of the fuses in the tank bag. I tell you, it is hell getting old.

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