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Heated Seat Help


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I just purchased a new saddle for my RT and it is heated. the problem is that my RT does not have the heated seat option. I looked at the parts required to make this happen and I am at over $300.00 just in switches and cables. Given that I live in the south, it's just not worth it. Does anyone have a method of connecting the heat trough a switched battery connect? I expect that if I turn on 12V to the seat, it will get hot but, will it burn up?


Also, does anyone know where I can find a wiring diagram for this thing. I have the service CD but it's not there.


Any help would be greatly appreciated,

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Not to fear. One of Jack Bauer's suitcase nukes isn't going to go off if you try to wire this up. It's realatively simple.


Get an aftermarket switched fuse block (Blue Sea, Martel Bros., Powerlet). You can mount it on the inner fender under the rear seat. Take the wires from the accessory socket and use them to trigger a relay that turns the fuse block on/off. You can run from the fuse block to the accessory socket and thereafter not need to worry about whatever you plug in tripping the CanBuss. The rear seat is easy because it has a two position rocker switch built in. The front gets trickier because there's intended to be a two position switch on the handlebar. There's where you'll have to find some Yankee ingenuity (sorry, couldn't resist!). Remember when wiring the seats that BMW uses brown wires for ground. The rest should be easy.

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My solution above costs about $50. Be sure to use a switched fuse block. If not, you WILL forget to turn off the seat(s) one day and perform an unintended battery test.

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