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A general question if I may on clutches. I know there are a lot of variables, but how many miles can one generally expect to get out of a RT's clutch? Also, when should one replace the shocks?





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I haven't worn a clutch out yet but the shocks need to be replaced/rebuilt about every 25K. I just replaced mine at about 35k with Wilburs. You can feel when the shocks need to be replaced especially if you ride another bike with good shocks( which is what happened to me) since we tend to forget what the bike felt like when things were new. Also both item's life depend alot on your driving habits.



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I've rather routinely seen BMW bikes with 100K on the original clutch. Now those riders know how to properly use a clutch mind you. But 60 - 70K should easily be within reach of most anybody who isn't totally left ham-fisted. (Talking wear here, not some extenuating circumstances that takes the clutch out.)

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Your clutch doesn't get worn out going down the highway in 5th gear, most wear comes from taking off from a stop and a little from changing gears. I don't think there's really an upper limit if you ride exclusevely on the highway, but of course nobody does. Cops seem to wear them out quickly, you can imagine what chasing hundreds (thousands?) of speeding motorists from a dead stop does to a clutch. From reading forums over the years, I would guess that more civilian clutches get taken out by fluid contamination than anything else.

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Replace the shocks before you ride it home--trust me on this one! grin.gif


Leslie's clutch got oil fouled/went out at 38K miles when the main oil seal went (extended warranty! thumbsup.gif ), but she's got 90K miles on the current one. CHP LEO clutches got replaced at around 25-30K miles and I've got 125,000 on my original one, so yes, the range is pretty huge! wink.gif

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Laffo IBA#34115
Replace the shocks before you ride it home--trust me on this one!


+1 on this. I wish I'd followed this advice after recently upgrading to Ohlins after 26K miles. I didn't believe it could make that much difference but now I'm a believer.

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When I inspected my clutch during a spline lube at 70,000, the clutch still had over 60% life.

Yet I was talking to a LEO (we won't discuss why I was pulled over) about his RTP, and he indicated he goes thru clutches at 12,000, go figure. tongue.gif

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