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new Garmin, how to load software without DVD player


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I just received my 2730, which I bought on closeout from Costco because I'm a cheapskate. Now I need to load the software on my home PC. Unlike my computer at work, it has only a CD drive, not a DVD, because I'm, yes, a cheapskate. Or maybe I've just never bothered to get a DVD drive when I've never needed one before. The trouble is, the Garmin GPS came with a DVD disc loaded with all its software (City Navigator NT version 8).


I looked on the Garmin website for downloads, and it is possible to download the latest version of MapSource, but it says "WARNING: This software will not work unless you already own a MapSource product." Looks like I'm in a Catch22. Garmin FAQs don't help. Anybody know if there something I can do, aside from buying a DVD drive?

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simple answer: NO, your going to need a dvd drive to read the disc.


you could find someone who has a dvd drive, and copy the cd to an external hard drive and install it from that, however it might just be easier to get a dvd drive.

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Best buy and the others nearly give these things away every other week. get the drive, you'll use it for other things. You could also check with used computer resellers in your area. They sell rehab'd office equipment on the cheap.

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Jerry Johnston

As others have suggested- buy a DVD. You can purchase a new NEC DVD-RW for $43 from www.mwave.com and it will slip right into your existing slot to replace the CD. There's a jumper at the back that you must set to match the same as your cd. It will read and write DVD's and CD's.

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Ran into the same problem a while back when Garmin switched to DVDs for map data updates (not MapSource, but updates to the maps themselves). I contacted Garmin; to make a long story short, I went out and bought a DVD drive and installed it in my PC (or should I say my son did).

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Take the Garmin DVD, (and don't forget your unlock code), to Kinkos...burn a CD
It won't fit on a CD, hence the switch to DVD.


As mentioned, time for a PC upgrade.

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As others have mentioned, it's time to buy a DVD-ROM drive (at a minimum) for your computer, but there's one other catch that I discovered the hard way: your computer must be running Windows XP for the installer to run, even though the minimum states requirement for the MapSource software itself is Windows 98. Of course, they may have fixed this bug by now, but that's how it was for me. I ended up buying a new, cheap WinXP machine because it was cheaper than buying a copy of Windows!


I'll be really glad when MapSource runs on Mac OS and I can toss that Microsoft junk out of my house (and yes, to others, I know all about Virtual PC, and Parallels and BootCamp on Intel Macs. Bleh! Still gotta run Windoze.)

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OK, I failed to say CDs... copy to as many CDs as is needed to hold it all. If you don't like Kinkos, go to a friends house, shoot go to the freaking library... this is not rocket science.



sheesh! dopeslap.gif

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I was relieved to find that it loaded fine on a laptop running Vista.


Yeah, well, I figured since he didn't have a DVD drive yet, the odds he was running Vista already were miniscule. Can you install Vista without a DVD?


Anyway, sorry if I misled you.

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Thanks, all. I bought a DVD drive to solve the problem.


The irony is that before I started riding in 2005, I thought motorcycling would be a simple pleasure. Just ride, and enjoy being outside.


Instead I find myself shopping for a DVD drive, vacuuming all the dustbunnies out of the computer, and installing software that requires that you not lose a precious-but-inconspicuous slip of yellow paper that has your unlock code.


So much for simple pleasures. dopeslap.gif

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