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BMW Commuter 3 Suit


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I have the Commuter 3 jacket.




Works in a huge range of temperature; from snow to sun.


Waterproof, removeable liner, and armor.


I would highly recommend this jacket to anyone. I know I love mine. thumbsup.gifthumbsup.gif

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I agree, that jacket is excelent value. It's made of good materials, comes with removable liner and price is right (for a BMW gear).


The only problem is (for some of us) that it only comes in "standard" sizes , S/M/L/.... so it's pretty much a crap shoot if you can find a fit or not.

I wanted to buy one of these, tried it on and had to put it back to the rack as soon as I had it on. Does not fit, sleeves are way too short and gut area is too loose. Oh well...




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I have had the Commuter 2 jacket for 6 years now and I think it's great. Comfortable, protective, vents well and washes well too and it gets washed often. The liner is useful for colder days and helps greatly in wind protection.


The 3 jacket looks very comparable.


BMW sizes usually run on the small side so consider that when shopping.

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