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Louder than a dog whistle. Horn question


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That is the best way to discribe the horn on my 05 GS. Does anyone have any experience with Stebel nautilus horns.

Distributed by twisted throttle, claimed to be a very loud 136 decibels, can I unplug stock horn and plug-in Stebel horn, I don't have spec's on Stebel was hoping someone might know.

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Yep, the Stebels are way loud. Good stuff. I don't recall whether your bike already has a horn relay. If not, you might want to add one, so you get max volume. Do a search, there were some recent posts about mounting Stebels.

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Yup. Have one on our R1200GS and have installed a couple more for others. They're great. It will wake the dead. (But not necessarily the cell talking, hair combing, smoking, radio listener in the lane next to you. tongue.gif)

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