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bike wont start


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I tried a valve ajustment for a 6000mi. service and also changed air filter, a fog lamp that burnt out. I went to sync the throttle body and it would not start. battery turns, no spark. I set the mottonic to see but no help any Ideas thanks oh also looked at fuses but seem ok

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Most likely something that happend when you did the valve adjustment. Check the obvious things first.


-Spark plug wires connected tightly.

-Bike in neutral

-Kill switch off

-Side stand up


Did the valves need a lot adjusting?

Did you remove the alternator cover to trun the engine to adjust the valves (if so mabye the HES got wacked out of position).

Take one of the spark plugs out and with it connected hold it with insulated gloves or plyers agains the engine to see if it spaks when you crank the engine.

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I turned the rear wheel to get to tdc. I am getting alittle spareattic? spark When held against the engine.the valves were real close to not needing any adjustment

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Did you happen to molest either one of the gas line QD's? confused.gifFirst time I did mine I just kinda moved them around and then nothing-hauled it all the way down to Pomona and took all of 5 seconds to find and fix! dopeslap.gifMake sure they're pushed in all the way. thumbsup.gif

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gas line QD, I dont know what that means but to my knowledge no gas lines were touched I guess I"ll back track but in turning it over as many times I do not smell gas like i think i should. If there is a fuse to run a fuel pump I would like to know which one. plug is dry.

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dopeslap.gif Sorry ,the quick disconnects under the right side tupperware. All I did was to fondle them while the body work was off and that's all it took to disconnect them. No gas will come out as there is a check valve in there.Just be sure they are pushed in all the way as you can't really tell by looking at 'em.



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Wow, your good. It was the quick disconnects . I guess I wiggled them to do something. I did not think I did anything. I would have never thought that. Thanks . clap.gif

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