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R1200RT - BMW Tank Bag or Touratech Tank Bag???


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Cant comment on the Tourtech but have 2000 miles with the BMW version:




Spacious, waterproof, can see the clocks fine with it fitted. Brilliantly easy to put on and take off, a boon at fuelling time. Bag itself is well made, high quality. Designed for the bike so no faffing around with mounts on the filler cap or straps etc etc




No internal dividers, cannot be locked on to the bike, had to get replacement rubber feet for the mount as the originals 'disappeared' - since glueing them on no probs. Expensive.




Have been extremely please with it both functionally and aesthetically. If I was replacing it tomorrow what would I do? I'd buy BMW tank bag again. It just does what it says on the tin!

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On my previous BMWs, R1100 & R1150 RT'S, I had a RKA bag. When I got the 1200RT, I thought I would transfer it over. I then saw the BMW bag and played with it. It is much eaiser to to use at fill up, much eaiser to take off and into the resturant, hotel. It looks better than anything I have seen for the 1200RT. Yes entry price is high, but you forget that with the ease of use at each stop. Highly recommend it. I have no "Cons"

I cannot offer a comment on Touratech bag, however, I have purchased their product for my previous R1100GS and R1150GS and the quality and performance is outstanding.

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Another satisfied owner of the BMW bag. Nothing can compare to its slick mounting system -- very easy on/off. I thought I'd be irritated by its lack of interior compartments, but that hasn't turned out to be the case. When you buy it at the same time as the bike it doesn't seem as expensve grin.gif. I also got 15% off list price of any accessories I bought with the bike, so it wasn't as bad as it could have been.

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I have the Flat Tank Bag from Tourtech and like it...Didn't want a big bag like the BMW one...This one flips up easily for gassing by unzipping the velcro at the back and will come off by additionally twisting 2 fasteners up front..Has a carrying handle too..Nice bag that fits the 1200RT well for about $135.00.....

You can almost see in in the avatar!





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I have the large Touratech bag. Well made and carries a lot of stuff. The little clip on zippered pouch carries a Sony walkman which I plug into my Autocomm located in the radio compartment. Flips up or easily removes to gas up. Waterproof so far but no major downpours when stationary. Also has a carrying handly so you can remove it and use it as "hand luggage". The nylon fabric base protects the tank top when the bag is removed. Neil

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I have a BMW bag on my '05 R12RT. My dealer, Mischler's of Beaver Dam WI, gave me a discount of 20% off list price. Like all BMW (Big Money Works) gear, the price is high, but, like most of it, the value is high, too. It works well for me. I can even use my iPod controls with a gloved hand when it's mounted under the clear vinyl map cover.


Having posted that, now I suspect that BMW will make that part thicker to avoid liability. That's one reason why iDrive will never be featured by BMW Motorrad. There can be too many distractions on any motor vehicle. So maybe BMW's tank bag is simple for good reason.

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I have the Touratech Tank Bag. Size is good, however if you have the stock radio fitted, the bag touches the radio volume/channel Changer control when you turn left. This problem is only there when you at stationery, or moving slow as the bars dont turn that much when moving faster. The pockets on the side of the bag are next to useless - too small and an odd shape to hold anything useful.


I do like the size of the map case but it is only single sided. My old BMW tank bag for the 1100RT map case could flip, giving vision to both sides of the map. haven't tested out how waterproof it is yet though as it only velcros across the base. Having the ability to travel with just the map case is a good idea. I am also not sure i like the idea of having the mounting system mounted to the bike all the time, don't know how the velcro will be affected by constant exposure to sunlight and the elements.


I am yet to take a long trip (next month) so will report back then.



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Another vote for the BMW tank bag.

In addition to plusses listed above, this is the first decent sized bag that I have owned that causes NO control interference.

If I had to replace it today, I would still buy the BMW bag.

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I'm very happy with my BMW tank bag. Integration with the tank "rails" is very slick. Removal a snap and I've nothing but good experience thus far.

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My experience reflects the other posts and particularly Graeme's thoughts.

However, the BMW bag has evolved into backup status to a small Marsee. The BMW bag is "wide and high" so it felt like I was always reaching around J Lo sitting on the tank. Also, when I stand up to stretch the BMW bag hit me in a particularly vulnerable area. It now resides in the closet with the Russell seat, the Camelbaks, the other tail bag, yadada, yadada.


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