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horn switch


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The switch for my horn only work sometimes, so my question is, can I replace just the horn switch or do I have to replace the entire cluster of switches?


Thanks in advance.

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I'm pretty sure the switch is only available as the assembly. You can probably fix the intermittent problem by removing the switch and cleaning the contacts.

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Before you replace it, try the cleaning suggestion. Shortly after getting my 2003, the horn switch was malfunctioning (sticking on!). Dealer fixed (under warranty) by giving it a shot of contact cleaner while on the bike. If you want to try this while on the bike, make sure you cover adjacent areas because the cleaner will usually mar plastics, etc. The aerosol cleaner usually tends to splatter. I’d suggest wrapping the tube from the cleaner can in a rag/towel and holding it around the switch. Don’t over-do it.

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