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Anyone tried Avon Storms on an R1200 RT?


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Has anyone tried the new Avon Storm ST tires? My R1200RT is due for tires and thought they might be worth looking at. I have tried several different tires on this bike an so far the Continental Road Attacks are the best handling tire I've found - this is the most confidence inspiring tire I have ever used, BUT I only get 3500 miles to a set. Granted, I ride very agressivly, and I'm very hard on any brand of tires, but I'd love to find somthing with the performance of the Road Attacks that would last a bit longer.

I tried a set of Avon Azaros on this bike and thought they were OK but nothing special, I did however get almost 5000 miles out of them. The ad copy for the Storm ST's seems to indicate that it is a much improved tire over the Azaro. So, I'm interested to hear any opinions.



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I was at the bike show in Quebec City (Canada) last week and the sales rep from Avon really impressed me. She knew her stuff and showed me a cross-cut section of the Storm model. I'm also tempted to purchase the Avons but I will also look into the Metzeler and Pirella equivalents before making my final decision.

Any comments on these two other brands ?

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I cannot speak to the Storms but I just installed Avon Vipers on my 05 RT and so far they feel great. I had Metzler Z6's on my bike and could not wait to run through them. At times it felt like it was tracking on its own through corners and the rear wheel was slipping. I have been riding for almost 20 years and have not experienced this kind of stuff from tires. It was just not working on my bike. Before the Z6's I had 2 sets of Bridgestone BT020's on the bike and that is a great all around tire.

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