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A new hero for cold temp riding


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I found a post on AdvRider from a bloke in NH who rode 200 miles in temps at -2 degrees on a KLR with no windshield. Pretty impressive ride. His gear was:



Originally Posted by johnlt

You-da-man!!! That's the coldest long run (100 mile+) I've heard of and with no windshield too!!! Did you have heated grips and/or gear?



Yes. At those temps, highway speed windchills are in the vicinity of -30 (F or C; doesn't matter--- they get close at those temps and are the same at -40). I tried to be prepared.


Today: Aerostitch Darien 2-piece, jacket liner, long underwear, long-sleeved T-shirt, microfiber pullover, Gerbing heated sleeveless vest; WarmNsafe heated socks over regular synthetic socks, Sidi boots; insulated leather gloves with gauntlet, polypropylene glove liners; heated grips; combo balaclava/helmet liner; HJC helmet with Fog City insert (should have been "Frost City" today.)...


And after an hour or so, it was still cold.


My new hero!

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I have a cold weather insert, designed for snowmobile riding I think, for my HJC helmet. It does a good job of preventing fogging, and helps keep the face warm too. A good scarf does wonders for keeping wind from whistling down the neck of your jacket too.

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I have a cold weather insert, designed for snowmobile riding I think


Key word "designed for snowmobile riding". There are already people who do hundreds of miles a day at speed in the freezing cold...it's fun! smile.gif

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