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Nolan 100 Helmet visor hinge repair


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On my ride this weekend, I had a problem with the visor on this helmet, every gust of wind would lower the visor automatically. I have an older Nolan helmet and have never had an issue with the visor closing on its own. Has anybody had this particular problem with this helmet and the results of any attempts to fix the problem.


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There is a spring loaded pin that provides a detent to hold the shield in place. It is part of the hinge assembly. There is one on each side. I bet it is either "gunked up" and stuck, broke off, or gone. Carefully dis-asemble and clean. If the pin is still there, stretch the spring a little. I suspect your problem will disappear. If either side is gone, call Nolan and they will send you a replacement.

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Yes I had the same problem. I contacted Nolan directly and they sent out the parts to fix it. It was just plain worn out. No cost for the parts by the way.

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