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1100S vs All-You-Can-Eat Sushi


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My tale starts with an all-you-can-eat sushi contest. I planned it for a month: winner gets a free dinner. I had about 25 people coming: pics, videos, I even burned a CD for the blessed event.


Earlier that day, while starving myself, my coworker Jeana asked why I hadn't eaten all day, she was shocked. I told her about the event and she almost threw up at the idea of raw fish, cooked eel, fish eggs, raw shrimp, etc... One doesn't get exposed to sushi when they grow up in the South Bronx I suppose. Then I showed her the CDs and told her about all the fun that would be had.


She seemed interested so I started my campaign to get her to come. One problem, I rode the 1100S to work. She's never been on a bike. And she is not a small woman. I doubted my ability to ride with her one, even her the bike's ability to accommodate her.


Well, I have several pics and a few videos of her getting on. There are neighborhood children running around screaming with laughter (everyone knows Jeana it seems). It was a blast. And the men we passed on that 15 mile ride were going outta their minds. One elderly white woman had to pull off the road. Guys were running out into the streets, clapping, you name it. Her "package" is very popular in that neck of the woods...I kid you not.


Anyway, if you ask all nice like I'll post lots of pics. Great for a laugh or two, I promise.


To this day Jeane carries pics in her wallet of that day, and shows them to everyone and I mean everyone!



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BMW's are built tough, there's no doubt after seeing that pic. And I'm sure she's kind, sweet and a lovely person. But I still wanna see the seat Russell Day-Long makes for HER!

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she almost threw up at the idea of raw fish, cooked eel, fish eggs, raw shrimp


Nothing negative meant by this comment, but - I can say without reservation that I highly doubt that raw fish, cooked eel, fish eggs and raw shrimp are part of her normal diet! But that's just my guess. thumbsup.gif


I do love this picture and think that although it tends to make one laugh - it's a "Poster Picture" for the pure love of motorcycling. clap.gifcool.gifclap.gif

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Awesome dude. What a great way to reach out to a non-rider. In all honesty, there aren't many bikes that can handle a load as well as a BMW.


I tell my friends that I can carry myself and 700+ lbs of stuff (the load rating is 900ish pounds) and they cannot believe it. Your picture helps to illustrate heavier loads better. Thanks!

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They say a pictures is worth a thousand words, well, that picture would be worth roughly ten thousand words??? grin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gif (it obviously has a LOT MORE to say!)

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Mark Menard (Vita Rara)

Hey Eff,


I'm sure 1st Shirt will be at Torrey. You can just ride out with me and meet the whole crew.



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Now she wants to ride to AZ to meat...I mean...meet 1st Shirt!


I would love to meat, err, meet her. I bet she is a lot of fun - and I mean that in the best of ways. thumbsup.gif Tell her I'll buy the first appetizer, but that's about as far as my military pay will take me.


And if you were to bring her out on the bike, you could start a whole new thread, something like "Riding 2+ Up". clap.gif


But word to the wise - I'd get some custom shocks and tell them the TRUTH about how much weight you'll have on the bike. Of course, they won't believe you. dopeslap.gif


We're making lot's of jokes and it is fun. But as I said before, this really could be a poster for the Joy of Motorcycling. As another poster said, you can see it in both of your eyes. I truly do think it's great. Happiness is found in many places, and many times it's where we least expect it. No matter what anyone says, you two were having a blast. This is something you will never forget - now the question is are you two willing to take your show on the road??? clap.gifclap.gifclap.gif

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What absolutely fun pictures. My wife said to tell Jeane hello and that it must have been fun. Although true humor never comes at the expense of others, it is obvious that Jeane had an absolute ball, too. I don't know when I have seen such obvious similarities between bike and passenger than that last one.

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Bob, you absolutely hit the nail on the head.


I wanna start by saying that Jeana is one of these people you meet and is so fun, so loving, so joyful, so funny that you actually feel pain that it took you this far in life to meet them. She's my buddy and friend.


Two interesting things about her: she LOVE looking at pictures of herself. Men fall in love with her.


Weekly, I am told story about random men that hit on her. This week, she told me about Vinnie the hot Italian UPS worker and Abe the 60+ year old bus driver who resembles someone's grandfather. Men in our building stop by to visit and flirt with her all day long, I kid you not.


Anyway, I told her about the thread. She commented about how she still can't believe her fat @ss fit on that beautiful BMW and when I told her that people loved the pic, thought it was funny and that some have connected me asking for a proper printout: she was besides herself with joy.


When we left work yesterday, I was walking behind her in the alley along the building (very difficult as when you walk behind Jeana you truly can't see where you are going!) She said:

"You know what buddy? I was thinking about how you sent that pic to Texas"

"Arizona, Jeana"

"Right Arizona. And that my big black @ss is gonna be sitting over someone's office space in A-ri-zona. That's mad cool yo. That really makes me feel good!"


Then we tried to get her in my Miata to take her to the subway. A cab pulled over and watched her get in (which takes a bit). He had a Kool-Aid smile and gave us both a thumbs up before driving off.


"Damn, that man was dark. My momma used to say the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice. Matta fact, can you drop me off at Victoria Secret instead of the station. I need to spray some that perfume on me. I learn that trick from my Auntie. She used to be like Jeana spray my bra! I leave that place smelling like a French whore."





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I tell my friends that I can carry myself and 700+ lbs of stuff (the load rating is 900ish pounds) and they cannot believe it. Your picture helps to illustrate heavier loads better.


Before you go loading it up with half-a-ton-o-fun, you should be aware that 900 pounds INCLUDES THE WEIGHT OF THE BIKE!


Still, the pics are great, and I'm glad someone got to experience riding and loved it. That's always fun to share, no matter what age, weight, color, etc. I will admit to turning down a BBW rider once due to "rain coming"... I'm no small pup myself!

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900 pounds!?!


With gear (jacket, helmet, saddlebags) I'm probably 200. She's 400 and the bike is an easy 550.






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I want to know what happened at the sushi eating contest and why I wasn't invited!! smile.gif


Eff, Ever try Minado's? The one in Little Ferry is probably close to you. Great place.

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I rode a heavy set co-worker a few years ago on my R100RT. Oops, that didn't come out quite right. I INVITED a rather heavy co-worker to go for a lunch ride some time ago.


I was nervous the whole week leading up to the event. Basically scared that my bike wouldn't hold her 250+ lbs.


She ended up laughing and screaming the whole way, like a young girl on her first roller coaster.


She kept a smile on my face the whole time and made me realize how fun a regular, normal everyday ride on a bike can/should be. And in reality, she was one of the better passengers I've had.



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