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New R12RT Saddles


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I replaced my stock seats this weekend with a custom set from Bill Mayer. Bill "Rocky", Laura and their entourage of dogs welcomed us with open arms into their back yard shop in Ojai, Ca. His team carefully measured our dimensions, ride height and seating preference. We fine tuned the saddle several times and even took a test ride before finalizing the shape.


My butt would get sore after about an hour with the stock seats but now I can ride for hours without any soreness. The rear seat was also modified to put a small ridge in the front that keeps my wife from sliding forward during hard braking. thumbsup.gif The quality of the seats is top notch and I would highly recommend to anyone.







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I am planning on having Bill Mayers do a seat also. How long did it take you to get an appointment to get it done?


That seat looks good I can't wait to get mine done. clap.gif

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I also got a custom saddle from Rocky. I highly recommend the ride-in if you're anywhere within a weekend ride of Ojai. I was in at 8:30, and on the road again by 1:00.


The saddle is amazing. It is very well worth the cost. I confirm that my old short saddle was at best a one hour saddle. The new saddle from Rocky is easily a full day saddle. Get one. Once you do you'll wonder why it took you so long to do it.


By the way, while you're in the area, take a jaunt north up Route 33. Fun mountain roads.



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Thanks, I went leather because I heard it is more comfortable, cooler in the summer and looks great. Bill uses the stock pan and heating system. Essentially they shave off a majority of the stock foam, attach a high density urethane mold and then shave it to your individual shape. The shaping is what diffentiates his seats from mass produced ones like Corbin.

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I'll take Rick Mayer over his brother. Rick actually stitches and creates the seat for you. His brother does not. I'm not saying Bill doesn't build a good seat but, Rick learned and actually did the hard labor under his father. Then, there's the foam components under the seat. Very complicated but Rick has a very sophisticated and proven method of layering different foam under the seat. All in all, a better seat.


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That is a sharp saddle, and glad you like it! I had a Rocky Mayer on my R1150RT for awhile, but for me it was never right, and I eventually sold it for a Russell.


Rocky is a class act, and I hope the saddle is everything you hoped for! thumbsup.gif


Steve in So Cal

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One from the other brother.





+1 This is the seat I have on my R12RT and it's a very nice long-distance seat. Very comfortable--and looks good too.

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Any comments on how the Russell Day-long compares to the Meyers? I will need one when the new 12RT comes in, and Russell is the closest to home???

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In the history of saddles the Day Long was designed by Bill Mayer Sr. and company/design purchased agreement. After the no build time expired Bill Mayer Sr. started building saddles again, different design. Bill Sr. passed into Gods hands about 5 years ago and Bill Jr. continued the business. Rocky started his own buisness from what he learned from his father and other materials. Both build good saddles, but I think Rocky has an edge from what I have read in the postings. Probobly any one of the three designs are better than the stock saddle, just make sure you get to keep your heated seat (assuming you have that option) before you send your deposit.

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Both are quality seats. I would recommend ride-in service which will give you a better fit. Russell seats seam a bit more expensive when you add in all the "extras" such as the $80 ride-in fee.

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Any comments on how the Russell Day-long compares to the Meyers? I will need one when the new 12RT comes in, and Russell is the closest to home???

Can't compare my RDL to anything 'cept the POS stock seat on my 12RT. Since the RDL is sized to me I would expect others may not find it to be as comfortable. Russell saddles are not cheap, but the service was excellent and I'm a very happy customer. thumbsup.gif


That said, there are MANY people who sound just as pleased with their Meyers. Not having had experience with any of the companies made the selection process the most difficult part of getting a comfortable saddle.




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