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R1100RT 17" rear wheel


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any K1200rs 5" rear wheel fits. I can not remember which bolts you have to use. I think if you use a K1200RS rear wheel, you have to keep the stock R1100RT bolts, but I am not 100% sure. Before the 1150 went to a 17" rear wheel this was a common change made by 1100 owners.


I am not sure, but I do not think the K1200RS 5.5 rear wheel works on the 1100RT. Someone else will have to comment on that.


PM Paul or Fernando, one of them was one of the first person's I know of that did this convert

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5" K1200RS wheel fits, you have to use the RS bolts as they are shorter than for the 18" wheel. '99-> K1200LT wheel is also the same, so you might find a wheel from a front end totaled LT. www.beemerboneyard.com has one for sale for $250. Look in K bike spare parts.

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If you are looking for a 3 spoke 17" wheel you won't find one that will fit, they are all too narrow. As mentioned in the other posts, you'd need a K1200RS/LT 5 spoke rear wheel. You can use an R1150R/RT/RS 5 spoke front rim if you want them to match but you'll need k1200LT (early model) or R1100/1150GS rotors to make it ork and an R1150 speedo drive. Hope this helps.


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I seen a 17" rear 3 spoke on a R1100RS on the track at Nelson Ledges Raceway some years back. The guy was happy because of the larger variety tire selection he had. He told me he bought it from the manufacturer of BMW wheels for $1100.00 big ones!

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