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Motorola 820 bluetooth interface


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For those who would like to interface their BT cell phone to autocom, the Motorola 820 works great. Amazon has them for $69 but I jut got one on eBay for $26 and there were many more available. I use one in a stand alone speaker mode in my car then move it to the bike and plug it into my autocom for bike use. With a second one, I won't have to move it. Really great product at a great price.

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It has a small mini plug socket. You just plug the autocom (or any other) cell phone cablewith the small plug on one end and the larger one on the other end into your aux socket on the autocom. If you are already using that socket, you can use a splitter (autocom also makes one of those). You don't need an "isolated" cable because it is battery powered. The advantage of using the HF820 is that you can hear the phone ring in your helmet plus you can make "single button push" calls as well as answering the phone with the same button. To make calls, it assumes you have voice recognition function on your phone. I use the Motorola 710 and it is great.

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