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Another MSF Grad


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After reading 2bmwfan's post...and big congrats on that BTW.


I just had to brag on my SO since she won't do it herself...


She just passed MSF school herself and here she sits atop her new (to her) machine. She really is happier than she looks.




Go Patti!

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MSF courses are really well done and more work than some folks expect. Congratulations on choosing to get some great tips and for completing your course.

Dale in Macon, Ga.

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So, what's her graduation present? Leathers? New Bike? Two way radio set? Come on, you can do it. Show some enthusiasm; put your money where your mouth is.


PS I'm taking the course next month and I wear a 2XL petite and could use new tires.

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Tell her Way to Go! thumbsup.gif


Patti, now the true adventure begins, after all the view is better up front. clap.gif


My wife started riding 12 years ago and now it's almost impossible to have her ride pillon.


Only word of advice to you is Practice, Practice....

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Now get her ready for the ERC after a couple of miles under belt. I am taking the ERC in Atlanta this coming March eventhough I an instructor myself, just want some additional training/pratice.

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The bike WAS her graduation present! I really wanted to get her an F650 but couldn't find one that I could afford so went with the Suzuki SV which is pretty cool actually. One of these days she'll join us in the Beemer club...one step at a time. thumbsup.gif

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From one Patti to another, congratulations!!!!

I took the MSF at the end of March '06 and have been having the time of my life! I'm sure you will too!


I've always said that I had no regrets in life, but I now realize I do have one....that I didn't start riding sooner!


Oh and the obligatory advice LOL Obviously practice, practice, practice....but I think that although it is important to stay within you comfort zone, the key (for me anyways) was and is to reach just a wee bit beyond it with each ride. And in no time your bike will feel like an extention of you, not just a machine.


Feel free to PM if you ever wanna chat girl bike stuff. smile.gif

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Congrats!!!! That is so cool. I can not wait to get out with all the ladies and go for a "Girls Ride!" Word of advice......(what I have been hearing).....practice, practice, practice!!! clap.gifclap.gifclap.gifclap.gif

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Wow! We've got three Patti's....and they are all spelled with an "i"?!? (the right way of spelling Patti LOL)


Weird! cool.gif


Oh, and two of them have equine related screen names. Whoa!


Yeah, I'm a dork and get excited about little coincidences.

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