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Dunlop 220s on rain grooves


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My GF on her ST felt the same way!


I didn't like the D607 tires that came on my GS either.


Dunlop may make decent tires, but in my experience they don't work on BMW very well.


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I had Dunlops on my Suzuki cruiser and they were highly affected by the road surface as well. I just thought that was the way all motorcycles rode until I put some Metzelers on that bike.

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just picked up my R1200RT with new Dunlop 220s on the bike and could not believe the performance on rain grooves.... as in bad!!!


Perhaps not so hot on the RT. Had 220's on my XX Blackbird and they were OUTSTANDING. Extremely aggessive with the bike in all kinds of weather, temps, conditions, mountain roads... and never once gave me a moment to lose confidence.

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