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Please spread the word everywhere - New website for Gleno's Online Memorial


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I am asking anyone and everyone who is part of any club, group, organization, or riding group that Gleno was a part of, to please post up about this website link and to add it to your signature to help get the word out:




This is an online memorial that I have made for Gleno. I wanted to give it it's own site, because this allows any forum and group to pay their respects in one collective spot.


On the main page of the memorial, there is one link, which sends you to the online guestbook-style where anyone can post up their thoughts, memories, comments, and talk to Gleno. It is setup so you can even upload your pictures of Gleno and the memories that surround him.


Use it as a reminder, to go back and see every picture of him and read what others have read about how he has touched their life. On his anniversaries, or anytime you may think of him, you can go back and leave your thoughts.


This online memorial will always be live for anyone and everyone.


I encourage and ask that you please copy and paste this into new threads surrounding the Internet to get word out about this online memorial: www.gleno.net


I see a lot of forums posting up their pictures of Gleno, and it would be nice to see all these pictures posted up in one spot and that is another reason why this site was created. Gleno belonged to more than one forum, and he touched so many people because of the good man that he was, and this is something for all of us because of everything Gleno represented and lived.

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