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Is it worth keeping an almost brand new 1150RT stock saddle and windscreen?


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I have both and I'm not sure if I should keep them or sell them. The stock seat and windscreen have about 500 miles on them.


I dont plan on using them, and if I sell the bike, I would sell it with the Sargent saddle and CB windscreen.


Since I am in a selling mood (I just sold my 2004 Vulcan today) I wanted to see what everyone else does with their stock parts.


I'm not even sure what they are worth.

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The big upside to keeping them is that when you do eventually sell the bike, you can separate the upgrades. You'll get next to nothing (or worse) for them if they're on the bike. Selling the farkles in the classifieds, however, you can generally recover more of their value.


Stock windscreen, I expect you'd get about $50 or so. Not a big call for them, and lots of folks pull them off in favor of something else.


Stock seats I've seen listed for as little as $100 for the pair, up to as much as $400. I personally purchased a perfect set for $100, which included shipping.


The downside is that (obviously) if you keep them, you'll need to store them someplace relatively safe.


Th personalizations we do are just that - personal. The odds of finding a buyer/rider who would have chosen THOSE particular items that are on a given 'farkled' bike is pretty small. Among other things, I've got a +7 Cee Bailey windscreen, and a Ricky Meyer saddle. Some people would hate the windscreenheight, some would hate the saddle.


So - I'm keeping the stock parts to put back onto the bike when I sell. If the buyer wants the particlar upgrades that I've chosen, I'll be happy to sell them at a hefty discount. But if the parts were ON the bike, without the measns to makeit stock again, some buyers would expect to discountthe bike to the point where they could buy the stock parts to do so.


Good luck, whatever you chose to do!


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Absolutely follow Greg's suggestions. He is right on the money on this topic. I had a K1100RS where I sold the extra stuff suck as seat, tank bag, and saddle bags to the tune of almost $500 in additional cash. No brainer man. Keep the stock stuff and put it back on the bike when you sell it.

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One other thought on keeping that stock seat: if you decide down the road you don't like your Sargent and want a custom seat, you've got a base you can send off for rebuilding while still having the Sargent to keep riding on while you wait.

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Thanks everyone for your opinions. I suppose I will keep the seat.


I may throw the windscreen up on the classifieds.


Thanks again,



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