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Tourmaster Transition


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Last year my wife was in need of a new jacket and after some shopping around we arrived at the Tourmaster Transition. From the moment it arrived I was jealous of the fit and the features (you know where this is going right?). This past week mine arrived even though I was not in any immediate need. Turns out mine fits and looks as good as hers so I'm a happy camper too.


Just wanted to plug the jacekt, at $134 it's hard to beat. Removable liner, waterproof, more vents than you can count, comfortable body armor and the list goes on. I've had great luck with the folks at newenough.com so I'll plug them too while I'm at it. thumbsup.gif Sorry I can't post any riding impressions, I'll have to wait 20 or 30 degrees before I get to try it out.

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I too have been daydreaming about replacing my old school leather jacket with a textile jacket and $134 fits nicely into my budget.


Did the jacket run true to size?


As for taking your jacket out for a test ride, if your part of SW PA is like mine (Canonsburg) watch out for the salt even after the temps climb high enough to melt the snow and ice. The road crews around here have been mighty generous with the salt this year! dopeslap.gif Must have a surplus.

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I have quite a few miles on my Transition Jacket and love it. I have been in rain, snow, sleet, hail and temps down to 17*F. It fits very well and have had no leaks. Mine is a little snug in the arms. That is the only issue and not much of one. On the real cold days I have worn a felt shirt along with the liner and had stayed toasty. For the money I don't think anything else comes close.


Hope this helps, but it is just one opinion.

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Sizing was spot on for me. I like the recommendatoins on Newenough.com. They add comments to the manufacturers sizing charts where they feel they are needed. I couldn't have done better with a whole rack to try on.

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I agree with w8n??? The jacket is to small\tight in the arms and I by no means have big arms. For cooler weather I cant really wear anythig heavy becuase of the small arms.

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