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R1200RT: how much are non-ESA stock shocks worth?


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What is a good fishing bait weight going for these days???? lmao.giflmao.giflmao.gif


(Un)Fortuantely, not much.


Your best bet would be to just hang on to them for the time when you pull your Wilbers/Ohlins out and have them rebuilt. That way, you have something to ride on for the 1 to 2 weeks it takes for the turn around.


Just my .02. YMMV.

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I almost put this in my original post but ended up leaving it out. I'm too cheap (and just bought a GPS) to buy Ohlins and figure my stock shocks are almost done (28,000 miles). Happened to see a pair of OEM shocks on eBay last week and they didn't get any bids. I emailed the seller and he thinks they're worth $400 but that seemed a high for something that almost no one wants to buy.


I also saw a set of ESA shocks but figured they'd be too hard to retrofit to my non-ESA bike.

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I just looked at the parts catalog and the front shock new from BMW is $271 so the rear without ESA has to be at least $400-$600 I would guess. The ESA rear shock is $1650. OUCH baby!! So maybe $400 is not so bad. Offer him $300 and be done with it. Keep your eye out for some used Ohlins or Wilbers and jump on them if you see them because they will not last long. I think you are throwing good money away to buy another set of stock shocks unless someone almost gives them to you. Those will go bad and you will be in the very same situation your are in now. You may want to check out a less expensive vendor such as Progressive, Fox, or other suppliers. Checkout www.beemerboneyard.com and see if Mike has some shocks you can buy.

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I can tell you from the GS world, it's rare to see a set of stock take off shocks sell for more than $250/set. Lots of guys post them for %50 of MSRP but they just don't sell for that. Here's my theory...the stock shocks just aren't that good so unless they're cheap, why bother.


I'm just relating my experience.

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I recently bought a pair of non-ESA R1200RT shocks on ebay. They were listed as having been used for 4000 miles, and then switched out for a pair of shorter Wilburs. The rear shock did not have the hose/knob/reservoir -- it was used on the new shock. The item numbers of the two shocks were 280074128743 and 280074131592. I paid $10 each, plus shipping ($15.00 for both). The shocks look great -- I'm planning to swap them for my current ones around 25,000 miles. Ohlins may be in my future, but then again, they may not! This seemed like a good way to add a degree of freedom to the equation.

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sent you a PM.


thumbsup.gif thanks for the PM Keith!


I guess I don't really know any more about the intrinsic worth of the stock shocks than I did a couple days ago, but I know they're worth $150 + shipping to me. grin.gif


thanks everyone for your replies.

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