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2000RT, Need lower passenger pegs


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Has anyone seen a lowering kit for these rear pegs? I saw a trick set that lowered the standard pegs at Intermot 2 years ago but foolishly didn't buy them then and there. Basically they were a milled aluminum piece that mounted to the stock peg mount, and the stock pegs then mounted to them, about an inch and a bit lower, and a little further out. They maintained all functionality (spring loading, stay up position.


Any information on something like this will be appreciated by my wife (and me by reference).




Brock in Maple, Ontario

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I have the R1100RT parts Suburban Machinery made for rider and passenger and they are great. I don't know what the difference is between them and the 1200 set.

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These seem to be the two most widely available, both listed with A&S






I have no experience with either set, so I'm no help on the differences. Actually, just last night I bought a set I found on ibmwr.org - they look completely different from either of these though.


If you're not in a hurry, I've seen them posted here, ibmwr.org, and through BMWMOA. Good luck.

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Thanks for the quick comeback gents.


I've looked at the three types and think that the Suburban Machinery will be the best balance between robustness and price (they're $150).


Maybe they'll get here in time for Valentine's Day :-)



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