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r1200rt rider lcd display


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As one of the 5% or so males who suffer from colour blindness I wonder if anyone has sucessfully changed the colour of the illumination of the rider lcd display so that it is more easily readable? I think it uses LEDs? can these be replaced?

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Unfortunately, I don't think that can be done. LCD is a crystal display with a liquid illuminator sandwiched in-between.


LED displays use diodes for light.


The only way to change it would be to replace the LCD panel with one that displays a different color (colour). Possible with a differently spec'd display but probably more costly as well.

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My little $30 XM Roady's LCD display can easily be set by the user to one of several different colors.


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I haven't opened my display up but I don't see why you wouldn't be able to change the color of the backlight. As long as you use something with similar electrical characteristics (current draw).


I've done this on older cell phones and car stereos.


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