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Engine Noise Coming Through My Autocom Headset


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My KRS is over 4 years old, and has a little over 50,000 miles, and my Autocom is about 3 years old.


When I first installed the Autocom, there was noise through the headset when I used my Gerbings controller, but the Autocom ground loop isolator took care of it.


Over the last summer, I started hearing slight engine noise through the Autocom, but only in the 4000 – 5000 rpm range. It was quiet the rest of the time.


More recently, the engine buzz is there throughout the rpm range and got much louder. Unplugging the V-1 and the Gerbings controller doesn’t cause anything to change.


Is there a chance I need new plugs, or plug wires, or a new ground loop isolator? Is there something else I can check?

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Laney, it's possible that some wires have shifted and perhaps they used to be shielded by a frame member and now are not. It's also possible that your ground has begun to corrode.


The third possibility that comes to mind is that the GL Isolator has gone bad. Bring it by the shop and we'll throw a new GLI on there. Take it for a ride and see if that does it.

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