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Santiago jacket Temp. range ?


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Looking at a Santiago jacket. What temp. range would you say it is good for. ?

I have a Savanna Jacket and Santiago pants. On the cold side I have ridden all day in the 40's with long underwear top and a layer of fleece. I did not buy the gore tex liners until recently, and used frogg toggs all last year in the rain. I never got a drop of rain in, but they were bulky.

On a very long ride (1800 miles, low 40's, moderate rain) I had to stop during the worst of it every 100 or so miles to warm up.

The coldest that I rode was 30, for a few hrs as the sun cam e up. My chin was the only thing cold (since taken care of).

My legs have never been cold, down to 30.

On the warm side, my jacket is black. I rode all through Vegas in the low 90's. Just a t'shirt beneath. I was comfy, as long as I did not have to stop in traffic or a light. A few times in traffic last summer (BMW Rally Vermont) that jacket had to come off, but otherwise I have used it all summer, as heavy as it appears without too much discomfort.

Net - I think it is great for three seasons, and a gerbings liner could probably get it to last longer. Also, there are some incredible windstopper undergarments that are getting great reviews.

I do not recommend the Savanna jacket, the zippers are horrible in the sleeves, but they have done better on the Santiago.

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