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Gleno: Remembrances


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Many of us have warm memories of Glen. Some have already been shared in another thread. I thought I'd start a separate thread so those of us who want to can have a place to share some memories of him. I've had a flood of memories coming to me all day, and I'll share a couple of them.


Gleno was the first member of bmwrt.com who I met. When I posted that I'd be riding through Boulder City on the way to the MOA in Redmond, Summer 2001, Gleno PM'd me and insisted that I stop for coffee on the way through town. I reached Boulder City, found my way to his house, and met Gleno, Terri, and their son. We sat and had coffee, looked at his shop, shot the breeze for awhile, then said goodbye, with the expectation that we'd see each other at the rt.com BBQ at the rally. Well, I made it to the rally, but didn't make it to the BBQ, and didn't run into Gleno. I continued on, finishing a 14 day trip, and when I got back home and logged in, there was a thread started by Gleno asking, "Where's Philly Flash?" Although I had only met him briefly, and only had a few contacts on the board, here was this man worried that something had happened to me, and calling on the troops to be on the lookout in case something was wrong. Many of you may not realize it, but Gleno really could be a mother hen. He genuinely cared for us, worried about us, and was there when we needed him, even when we didn't realize it. I was deeply touched by his concern for me then, and many times since.


A second memory is of something that took place right here on the board. It was still early in the board's history, maybe some time in 2001 or 2002. Gleno posted that a brother of his had died in a motorcycle accident. Like we always do, the members were very supportive, sending their condolences and asking what they could do to help the family. After a short while, we learned that it was not a biological brother who died, but a fellow motorcyclist and friend. We were relieved to know that it wasn't a family member, but were still saddened to know that Glen had lost a good friend. Today I understand what Glen had posted. Today we all have lost a brother. And there is no doubt in my mind. He was family. I miss him deeply.

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My favorite memory of G was in the Panamint Valley floor. It was a monster wheelie that seemed to last forever which climbed into a sweeping left hand turn. Running about 100+ as we climb into the turn, I see G as his left knee touched the ground; he reaches out and palms the ground with his left hand…while turned around looking at me!


We stopped for the flaming sunset photo and all G could say was “That was F’ing sweet Baby”


Pardon me while I go cry some more…..damn this one hurts.

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A few years ago, my wife and I split up. I have always been head over heels for my wife and this damn near destroyed me. It was some time just afterwards that I met Gleno, while cruising another forum having to do with GSXRs. The night I met Gleno online, I ended up dropping everything and heading to his home to help wrench on his bikes and install the fender eliminators I had designed for the then-new '03 GSXR1000. I got to his place late and immediately started wrenching. Had a great time hanging out with this grizzly old guy who seemed to be every bit the person I had chatted with online. Thus started a friendship that has lasted until today.


There was the Paddock meet-up at his house where guys from Canada, Florida, California all met up and had the most killer BBQ I have ever had.


There was a track day I attended where I played the part of Gleno's “Track Bitch” and I was glad to fill the position.


There were many times he'd piss me off, and I him - only to realize that we were better off friends and always forgave one another. Sadly, I hurt his feelings at least once if not more, and spent an inordinate amount of time trying to make it up by smothering him with apologies.


There was the first time I felt moto-bliss, when Gleno and I went on a ride that covered more than 300 miles through Angeles Crest. This was the best ride I ever had and was nearly unable to move the following day but that didn't keep me from bouncing off walls when we got back, showered and went to a phenomenal steak dinner to celebrate my newfound zen - discovered with none other than Gleno.


There are alot more instances where I've had the time of my life with Gleno, but as I said when I started this post - I met Gleno out of sheer sadness when I was separated from my wife. Knowing Gleno put a smile on my face and gave me back a purpose. At my lowest, with no family and nowhere to be on Christmas - Gleno opened his heart and his home to me. I spent that Christmas with Gleno, Teri and his whole family. That's when I took the photos of Gleno riding into forever that has been posted here. I have never appreciated one person as much as I appreciated Gleno... I just wish I had another chance to tell him so.


I know that Gleno hated seeing me hurting, and he'd threaten to break my legs if he saw me depressed. This, by default kept me from falling into the "poor pitiful me" rut that I learned to crawl out of with Gleno's tutorship. This is also why I know that he'd hate to see all of us so hurt by his passing. Even though I can't hold back the tears that are ripping my heart apart at the moment, I know that this thread would be 100% Gleno-approved - since there was never a soul that would prod you to "TELL THE TALE" more than our beloved Gleno.


I will always miss you brother...


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I remember the day Gleno finally discovered UT-72 and Sweeper Madness. I had been hanging out at the CW (I think we were working on Denny's bike, but I can't remember), and in comes Gleno on the Gixxer. He's off the bike and out of his helmet so fast, I figured he probably had to take a leak (it was, after all, Gleno). Instead he yells loudly "I wanna have hot monkey sex with anything that moves!!!" lmao.gif


He went on for another 20 minutes about how great the road was using every Glenoism in the book and finally yanked me out of my chair and we went back up to run it again.


I was on Lisa's R1100RS and things were feeling pretty good. We were going way too fast, but that's what you do on Sweeper Madness. smile.gif We ran from South to North with me in the lead and everytime I'd get on the gas, I'd hear that Yosh howling behind me, letting me know that he was "hard on the loud handle" as well. Then we got to the other end and he led back. Nose to tail like a couple of GP racers, we screamed across that road. Of course, I was working my ass off to keep up with Glen on the big BMW, bouncing off the rev limiter, and hanging off like Rossi to buy back the ground clearance I needed to stay with him.


We hit the bottom and stopped, and it was just like Eric said...Gleno pulls his helmet off, lights a cigarette, takes a puff, and says "That was f***ing sweet, bro."

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Bad mamerjammer.

Ugly MoFracker.

Dickless slime.


Habinero freakdog.


Just a few of the phrases that sliped past his lips when he and talked.


Right now I can't think of anymore but from time to time I'll hear something freaky and it will remind me of his awesome grasp of discriptive words eek.gif

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I'll try to post a few as they pop in my head.


The first time I met the mofocracker was in Death Valley, 2004. I was a relative nooB, but got to know a great group of folks on Friday. Gleno went out and did his famous wheelie incident on Saturday.


Of course, his room was rull of people filtering in and out while he laid in bed nursing his (unknown at the time) broken toe. He had it wrapped in ice.


Nerdy Jamie came in with his EMT "hat" on, and the conversation went some thing like this:


"Gleno, let me see your foot."


"You wanna see the whole thing, or just the first 12 inches?"

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A couple of years back, I had a problem with one of my employees, and I solicited advice from this board. I got many excellent, well thoughtout replies and then the following one from Gleno:


"Beat his eyes shut"


I couldn't help but laugh.


It kind of took on a life of its own. Every now and then, as situations arose, we'd swap that time honored advice.


I always felt compelled to check in on his threads. You never knew what he was going to say, but you always wanted to know.

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Philly, Glad you started this...Let's not forget his soft side: Spring Torrey '05, I'm by the pool at the Chuckwagon. Gleno is washing down some pizza with a tall cold one and flags me over.


"Mike O, what's happenin', dude!"

"Nuttin' much Gleno. Hey that's one pretty grand-daughter you have sittin' there with you, Gleno. You know, my first grand-daughter made me fall in love all over again."


"Yea, I know what you mean, man. I'm in love with this one too."


And at that moment, Gleno glanced down at her sitting on the edge of that white chaise lounge and as big a smile and grin as I'd never seen from him, lit up from under that gruff exterior. While we remember that 'two-wheeler' nut from Vegas, I'll remember that soft-hearted family man in him as well...


Mike O

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Philly, Glad you started this...Let's not forget his soft side: Spring Torrey '05, I'm by the pool at the Chuckwagon. Gleno is washing down some pizza with a tall cold one and flags me over.


"Mike O, what's happenin', dude!"

"Nuttin' much Gleno. Hey that's one pretty grand-daughter you have sittin' there with you, Gleno. You know, my first grand-daughter made me fall in love all over again."


"Yea, I know what you mean, man. I'm in love with this one too."


And at that moment, Gleno glanced down at her sitting on the edge of that white chaise lounge and as big a smile and grin as I'd never seen from him, lit up from under that gruff exterior. While we remember that 'two-wheeler' nut from Vegas, I'll remember that soft-hearted family man in him as well...


Mike O


True dat.


He loved these two nose miners more than anything else in the world.


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Lurked on the board for a few months. 2 guys struck me as perfect wackos. I got on my RT and rode to colorado to meet Gleno and Wurty. My kind of nut cases/love them both. Since then 8 trips to torrey and Gman was at them all. The first meat fest in kali/at least 4 nights at the home of the garage mahal with Gleno and Terri. Eric, remember the night we slept in the bunk beds at their place and the three of us watched that beautiful sunrise. Remember the trip to DV watching him pop wheelies all the way there. Try to forget what happened the next day. Having Gleno and son at my dump and getting together for bbq with the atlanta crew before the big race.


I rode the bike today and thought about Gleno/one hell of a great friend!!!


Gonna be a real empty feeling for a very long time. I need to get some hugs and shed some tears.

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A great way to remember Gleno is just to go and read some of his threads. I've spent the past hour or so doing just that.


This guy is even more nuts than I realized! I always saw him as an irreverent, frank, guy, but he's over the top!


Funny how his words are so healing, isn't it? Here he is, calling you names and insulting you in ways noone has ever done before and all you can do is laugh and walk away happy to have encountered the guy!


I once heard the phrase, "people don't care what you know until they know that you care".


We all cared about what Gleno had to say because we knew that he cared for his family, for everyone on this board, and for everyone who straddled a 2 wheeled vehicle.


We miss you, Gleno!

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PhillyFlash said there was a thread started by Gleno asking, "Where's Philly Flash?"


I started hanging around Cary's site in '99 or so, and quickly found myself laughing at the antics of Gleno (and WURTY!). I met Gleno at Redmond in '01, and he was even more colorful in person than his posts on the site.


I live in NYC, and on the morning of 9/11/01, I came home to my apartment after being out and about in the city during the attacks. I logged on and saw that Gleno had started a thread titled: "ChrisNYC .. Please check in"


I was touched beyond words. As PhillyFlash mentioned, he was Mother Hen who kept a watch on all his chickens.


Over the years, Gleno and I had emails back and forth, about motorcycles, gear, and hot-rods. I will miss him. Hell, I already do. bncry.gif



Chris (aka Tender Vittles )

Little '77 KZ400 in the Big Apple

Black '99 RT for Everywhere Else, such as ...


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Moto GP-2005


In 2005 my wife decides that she is going to surprise me with GP tickets and plane tickets to see the race. A quick call to Gleno and the details were worked out. Gleno and I were going to be roomies and we were going to the GP. As time got closer to the race we began to talk almost daily. By the time the race was here I was out of cell minutes and nearly out of wind.


Race time arrives and we join up at the airport in my luxury vehicle provided by AVIS. My car obviously was the pride of the fleet judging by the daily rental rate and the 6 pages of waivers I had to sign just to drive it. 5 of those pages were in reference to the fact that no smoking was allowed in their luxury vehicle. Promptly upon entering my luxury cruiser Gleno and I hugged and struck out for the hotel. No sooner had we pulled out of the loading zone Gleno spots a baggy full of Partagas Cigars in the center console. A few minutes later the luxury unit appeared to be on fire. We made Tony Soprano look like a non-smoker with thick clouds of the fine tobacco flowing out the windows. Gleno points at the international non-smoking sticker and laughs. For the next 4 days every single cigar was torched in honor of that sticker that was now laying somewhere on the 101.


The races were awesome and we spent time doing just what 2-wheeled junkies do. We spent more money than we needed to, we touched every bike within reach, we ate too much, we laughed, we took pictures, we spent time with the family (our BMWST family), we did everything we wanted to do. It was almost over when I decided to make the paddock one more time. While in the paddock I noticed this huge man walking towards me and he had a large group of people around him. It was Michael Jordan, I could not believe it! I ran up next to him and dialed Gleno as I ran. About the time I got next Jordan, Gleno answered his phone. I was yelling at Gleno about being next to Jordan and I reached out to touch him. I made contact with Jordan somewhere on his left arm and I was screaming at Gleno that I was touching Jordan. Jordan, obviously impressed with my actions, reached around my neck and hugged me. He then laughed, smiled, and told me I was a dork. To make matter worse Gleno was on the other end of the phone telling me the same thing.


The last race was over and we headed for the car. We were parked in a field that was down inside a bowl with only one way out. There were thousands of cars all trying to get out at the same time. Hours passed as we just sat in the line. There was a huge hill which separated us from the main road out and we watched as several cars and trucks try to climb the hill to freedom. One truck cleared the hill which was almost vertical at the top. The trucked cleared the hill and thousands cheered their freedom from the pit. It was a spectacular display when the truck ramped off the top of the hill and caught about 4 foot of air. Gleno and I decided that AVIS had provided me with the finest vehicle in the fleet and we should make AVIS proud by trying the hill. Several minutes were spent planning the assault on the hill. Gleno had the route planned out and he provided guidance throughout the maneuver. Gleno decided that he should stand up through the sunroof for a better vantage point. With Gleno sticking out though the sunroof the charge began. We accelerated like a bullet, or at least as much as our V-6 had. We were throwing gravel all over the place and the motor was hitting the rev limiter. We bounced off boulders and flew up the hill in grand fashion. All the way up the hill Gleno was screaming “it’s a rental.” We got to the top and became airborne. We must have flown 4 or 5 feet in the air before slamming back to earth…we made it. The car slid to a stop and Gleno jumped out and took a bow. There were thousands of people cheering and Gleno held up both hands as if to score us a perfect “10”. We were laughing so hard I could not breathe for several minutes.


About a month after the GP I got my credit card statement from AVIS. There was a charge for $300.00 in damage. I called to find out what damage they were talking about. The agent was nice enough to explain to me that the car reeked of cigar smoke and it was missing two hubcaps. There was also some apparent “impact” damage to the under side of the car to boot. I paid the penalty and left well enough alone. A few months later I tried to rent another fine AVIS vehicle only to find I was on a temporary ban list for their cars. It is still the best 300.00 dollars I’ve ever spent.

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Great story, Eric! Reminds me very much of the saying:

"A friend is someone who will come and bail you out of jail at 2:00 AM. A good friend is someone who will be sitting there alongside you saying 'Man! Wasn't that a blast!'"


I only met Gleno a couple of times, but he was clearly a "good friend".

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You two knuckleheads were almost better than watching Nicky win the race.


Remember you and me getting Gleno's goat by yelling "QUACK QUACK!!!" everytime Eric came into view around Rainey curve before that blue and white zook?


And you two going on about the cost of everything. SEVEN DOLLAS FO A HOT DOG? GOOD LAWD!!!!!!!


You two were absolutely the highlight of that weekend.


I just wish I had seen the aerobatics in the rent car. lmao.giflmao.gif

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What a lucky man Gleno was to have friends like all of you. What wonderful rembrances and pictures you, that know him best, have posted. It's truly amazing. I wish I had known him better.


I count myself as a friend even though I never met him in person. His personality was electric enough to come through even on a forum such as this. I've spent 5+ years on this forum I felt that personality....what a character he was.


A favorite quote of mine; from Steel Magnolias...


"I'd rather have one moment of wonderful than a lifetime of nothing special". Seems that's what Gleno got. Rest in peace.

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Eebie said:


I've been trying all day to think of something to add and I just can't. All I have is a Gleno anecdote: he was responsible for my nickname on this DB. 'Cause every time I saw him or talked to him on the phone, he'd shout EEEEE-BEEEEE! and everybody picked up on it.


Gleno had a thing for bestowing nicknames. When I read Eebie's post above, it reminded me that it was Gleno that started calling me Raaaan at Tom Roe's birthday party in '02.


Anybody else have a Gleno nickname?



Tom Roe's birthday party. Gleno wearing his trademark shorts on a very very cold Mini-soda day.


Good times.



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Wow. Damn. Thanks Ronnie - until your post I haven't seen a pic of that wonderful day. My goodness- just look at the peeps in that pic. Kris making the jump from CA. McKinley riding to MN from Texas with that Herculean BBG (in the freezing rain - yeah man). Steve A, the Minnesota Wrecking Crew (#2 and #3 finishers in the Iron Butt, right?), Chi-Towners, great friends, beautiful fams, and Gleno in those friggin' shorts.


Gleno dubbed me Madcap from one of his favorite movies - Tombstone. "Johnny, yer a Madcap" I think the quote went. I think I need a Moderator to fix me up. Good times, indeed.

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Anybody else have a Gleno nickname?


So... as the story goes... I'm out to dinner in SF, on a date no less, in a part of town that has limited cell phone service... after dinner I notice there's a voice mail and I do my phone dance to retrieve it... and it goes something like this...


[put on Gleno's low gravely voice]

"YO Butterkup!, it's Gleno, blah blah blah blah blah blah."


I have no clue what the message was about, the first two words had me rolling around the curb on Market St. It's stuck ever since, and it led to "Team Butterkup" when I started training for my first Ironman. And with this year being my 5th and last (planned) Ironman - it doesn't need to be said, but will it be a special endeavor for me.

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Gleno always called me Martay. Not a nickname but I always felt special cuz I knew it was my friend Gleno. Hi called me a few other things but I'm not going there.

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Thanks for the memory Ronnie. I have been sitting in my office for the last three days with a very heavy heart. Lord knows I want to be there with you guys in Vegas on Sunday and anybody that knows me knows that a road trip on the RT from Austin to Vegas on Saturday would do my heart some good right now. But alas I have sold my house and I am closing on it and moving early next week and I just can't get out the door and my wingman Limecreek is dealing with his own stuff right now with Sandy and all or else the both of us would be there representing the Pie Town Crew. So again my heart goes out to Terri and the family and to the bigger family here that we call BMWRT.com bncry.gif

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Over the years, Gleno called me many things. MANY things. But the one thing he called me, that I also called him, was Friend. The word, and the man, have meaning for me that go beyond what I'm able to explain.

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Gleno claims the credit for Mama Hoon. It came about after a little San Diego back country ride.


I remember when I was still riding the R1200C, arriving at Gleno and Terri's place on our way to the Art of the Motorcycle exhibit in Vegas. I was thoroughly thrashed after keeping the C at RT speeds on 400 miles of desert back roads into Boulder City. I said there was no way I was riding through Vegas traffic and Glen offered the C some garage space so I could double up with Jamie on his bike. Along with the escort to our hotel and some great time spent together, I found a Model 1200C sitting on the seat when we returned to pick my bike up for the ride home. Just one of those sweet unexpected gestures that flowed from the man.


When it was long, Gleno would come up behind me and bury is hands and face in my hair before laying one of those grizzly bear hugs on me. God I'm gonna miss those kinds of things. He was so tender hearted and so filled with love for every sensory experience he could grab. He lived right in the guts of life. Most of us only tread around the edges. We'd do well to borrow a even a little of his gusto.


These bits from Whitman seem fitting to me




I know I am deathless.

I know this orbit of mine cannot be swept

by a carpenter's compass,


I know that I am august.

I do not trouble my spirit to vindicate itself

or be understood.

I see that the elementary laws never apologize.....



..... I bequeath myself to the dirt and grow

from the grass I love.

If you want me again look for me under your boot soles.


You will hardly know who I am or what I mean.

But I shall be good health to you nevertheless.

And filtre and fiber your blood.


Failing to fetch me at first keep encouraged.

Missing me one place search another

I stop some where waiting for you.

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Mark Menard (Vita Rara)



Thank you for that story.


Anyone else with one please take the time to type it up! These are lessons in living from a master.



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Gleno was an absolute master of auto mechanics. We brought Lisa's Mustang out to Boulder once because it had a coolant leak that I couldn't trace.


Glen ID'ed the leak within about 60 seconds of popping the hood. The verdict was a cracked intake manifold (apparently a fairly common problem with that particular engine). Glen calls the poor guy at the local auto parts shop


Glen: <loud and grouchy...making fun of the guy who answered the phone> Boulder City Auto!


Glen: <normal Gleno Voice>: What's up Bay-bay?


Glen: Need an intake manifold for a 98 buttstain 4.6 single cam


Glen: <loud grouchy voice again> No you crochety old bastard, I said single cam.


The conversation went on like that for several minutes.


After we picked up the part, Glen started work. The "Book rate" for that job was 5.something hours. Glen said he'd never had the intake manifold off one of these engines before.


An hour and a half later, the job is done, and that was after taking multiple breaks to get lunch going on the smoker, and to help me working on an RT that he was tuning for a friend. He also changed the oil, flushed the coolant, and ran a complete diagnostic with his Snap On OBD-II tool...including taking a bunch of time to show a propeller-head like me what each sensor reading meant.


I'd guess he could have done the job in half the time (45 minutes) if he put his mind to it and didn't have any interruptions. Remember...book rate is 5.something hours.


He opened the hood and just stood there looking at everything for about 30 seconds. Then he turned around, went to his tool cabinets, and brought back a handful of tools. Then he went to work. He never reached for a 13mm wrench when the nut was 12mm. Every time he took something off, he'd set it aside, pick up the tool he needed for the next bit, and go straight to it. It was almost scary how efficient he was about it. There were absolutely no wasted steps. No dropped tools that he had to go crawling around on the floor to recover. And the handful of tools that he got out after that initial 30-second visual scan before he started the job? He used every single one...and didn't have to go back to the tool cabinet for any additional tools.


I can recall looking at several of the custom jobs he did and being absolutely blown away with the quality of the work and attention to detail.


The man was a master.

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Over the years, Gleno called me many things. MANY things.


Fernando, as has been the case for many, this has been a very sad week for me. But finally, I see how I could help ease some of the pain, at least for you and me.


I'd be happy to step-up my Fernando name calling if you need me too!



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OK, my story (but who can top Eric's leaving the races story? thumbsup.gif )


Anyway, we were on our way back from a Torrey (can't remember which one) with the usual suspects (we rode together to a bunch of Torreys!): Gleno, the Beav, Sammy, Brian and Meghan, Russell and me.


We were browsing at menus at "our" Dennys in Cedar City, and talking about (what else?) bikes! Russell said he was about to do a service on my bike, and would probably also do a spline lube. About that time, the waitress came over to take our order, and when she came around to me, she said "and what do you want?". Before I could answer, Gleno says "She wants her splines lubed" blush.gif I was so embarrassed (and laughing), I think Russell had to order for me. Then I think I proceeded to try to explain what that meant to one very horrified waitress! She musta thought we were some freaky-kinky biker gang (ok, so we were!) grin.gif


I think Russell may have mentioned this in another thread, but I will also never forget the time that Gleno rode Sweeper Madness for the first time. He came back so excited and giddy! He says...no SHOUTS to whomever was at the Chuckwagon at the time "I wanna have hot monkey sex with anything that moves!" I have never seen a bunch of people stop moving and freeze so fast! lmao.gif OMG it was funny! In all the Torreys Gleno had been to, he hadn't yet done Sweeper, and he finally discovered it. It was a joy to watch.

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In all the Torreys Gleno had been to, he hadn't yet done Sweeper, and he finally discovered it. It was a joy to watch.


Yeah, but the next Torrey he "discovered" counter-steering. Took a long time for him to stop talking about that one, too, but I don't know if he went out and had hot monkey-sex over it. Oh, wait.....he did. grin.gif

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Over the years, Gleno called me many things. MANY things.


Fernando, as has been the case for many, this has been a very sad week for me. But finally, I see how I could help ease some of the pain, at least for you and me.


I'd be happy to step-up my Fernando name calling if you need me too!




Tasker, hearing the words, "Bro, I luv ya, you hot-blooded, moderatin' Argentinian mo'fracker" coming from you just wouldn't be quite the same thing. No offense.

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Over the years, Gleno called me many things. MANY things.


Fernando, as has been the case for many, this has been a very sad week for me. But finally, I see how I could help ease some of the pain, at least for you and me.


I'd be happy to step-up my Fernando name calling if you need me too!




Tasker, hearing the words, "Bro, I luv ya, you hot-blooded, moderatin' Argentinian mo'fracker" coming from you just wouldn't be quite the same thing. No offense.


How 'bout if I called you "the old lady" from now on? smile.gif

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Over the years, Gleno called me many things. MANY things.


Fernando, as has been the case for many, this has been a very sad week for me. But finally, I see how I could help ease some of the pain, at least for you and me.


I'd be happy to step-up my Fernando name calling if you need me too!




Tasker, hearing the words, "Bro, I luv ya, you hot-blooded, moderatin' Argentinian mo'fracker" coming from you just wouldn't be quite the same thing. No offense.


Maybe not, but it would be damn funny. Reading it was one of the few laughs I've had in the last few days.

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I met Gleno in person at Fall Torrey this last year. We walked up to each other and we hugged as if we had been friends since doing wheelies in our cribs.


We talked a little bit, he called me some Glenoism, laughed and then we are off into our other circles for the weekend.


We PM'd every once in a while. We made fun of each other, others, and ourselves.


I remembered just this morning that Gleno was the nut head who started my Bday wishes post last August. Something along the lines of wasting bandwidth but what the he$% . . .


He really ripped me for not making DV, but he also cheered me on as he knew my reasons (promotional interview).


He was the consumate friend. I have no regrets for I know my life has been made better by the guy from Nevada. I have only one wish . . .



That my mailbox flag would start blinking with a PM from him.


I will honor his legend this Sunday by my presence at his services. I will honor his legacy by continuing to learn from his teachings of humanity, kindness, friendship, and the way of the shocker. I will further honor him by returning to the life he wanted for ALL of us. One where we enjoy each other, our own and each other's life, and the pursuit of good food!!!


I need to post this for the benefit of someone who he had not yet met but whom he already considered his friend.


Danny (Huzband), you were a mofracker of the highest order in Glen's book. He and I PM'd a few times about our "relationship" on this board. He howled and ridiculed us both. I know he would want us to continue in his absence and he had reminded me of how special it was to have found a kindred spirit from the other coast.


I know it will take some time for all of us to understand, rationalize, and come to terms with this loss. I also know that Gleno would not want us to forget those that are here. For in our loving each other, we will honor Gleno's memory.


I love you all, each and every one of you on this board. You have touched me in ways you will never know. I hope to honor each of you and Gleno by being the one you can turn to for a bed after a long day's ride, a meal whenever you knock, a hot shower when you are cold, and my friendship for as long as I am here to give it.


Oh, and one last thing.


Danny, your KTM is never going to make you a better rider!!! You SUCK!! lmao.giflmao.giflmao.giflmao.giflmao.gif Now go make a set of teeth for someone!!! Slacker!

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I was lucky to have talked to Gleno a few times in the last few months as I was SO sad to have missed DVD. This pic of him holding the cellphone up to the crowd was them calling us and singing "Happy Birthday" to Leslie while she was in hospital with appendicitis.

(Thanks, Sebastian!)







If any of you ever bail on a ride for some lousy excuse like having major surgery or something, be prepared to get a "Happy Birthday" call from the bar if anyone can get a hold of your phone number! grin.gif


I don't know if it was Gleno who thought of it first, but I believe this started when Denny "Tool" was the only one of our number to miss a particularly cold Torrey for the exact same reason as Leslie. My best story of that Torrey ride was EVERYONE in the Gold Wing group staying at one of the other hotels cancelled that weekend and the owner (who knew Randy, the owner of the Chuckwagon, very well of course) was calling him up to commiserate about his empty hotel. "Man, my whole GW group cancelled because of the cold. I heard there was some snow in the high country. So, you must be empty now too, eh?" "No, my BMW guys have been pulling in all afternoon! I did have one guy cancel, but he had his appendix out the other day. I guess you're hanging out with the wrong sort of people!" lmao.gif



Gleno and I had an almost two hour conversation about a week before he died--it was one of the best ever--so I am at least grateful that we were able to exchange our love for each other over the phone before he went on to his next life.



We all have got to be sure I say it to those we love, cause you just never know when your bell will toll.

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I was the one to start the "Happy Birthday" calls with the call to Tool. Since then it has taken on a life of it's own. Glad to see Gleno picked up on the tradition for Leslie and you.

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lAST sUMMER, mOOSE & I bought a new gas grill. If you'll remember that was about the time that I had posted some questions about changing my membership from "Sam's Club" to "Costco". After alot of getting BMWST opinions, I changed to "Costco" and noticed that they had tri-tip and I immediately thought of Gleno. I emailed him about the secrets of cooking it - and would he divulge anything hidden from the rest of the world.


I called him when I got home 'cause I'd never prepared it before but I did luck into having some of his BBQ perfection out at Glen's TajMahGarage back in 2001 at the first TechDaze.


We gabbed about the preparation of food and for some 20 minutes I couldn't get a word in...then...


He changed the whole coversation.


He moved the verbage to him and his family moving to Washington State. "Too Friggen hot here...too hot to ride...even at 4:00 in the morning...I'm done, I really want to get outta here and move..."

We gabbed another hour, mostly him telling me the why's and the where's...he sounded so excited that he'd be outta the heat sometime soon. He was giddy about the idea. Pumped up to pull the trigger and uproot. It was a joy to hear him talk like that - almost boyish in his approach - yet, determined to do it for his family. He was planning a trip to the NWest ASAP to check into towns and stuff. He was all jacked up.!


I wished at that moment that Iowa wasn't so far away from Nevada. I wished this converation was face to face as it had been a few times that we had docked at Paonia, or Gunn'y.

Half way into this long conversation Moose just sat down and listened to him and I talk about all the good riding he could get in up there. How cool the weather changes would be - he longed for that. Drive an hour and be outta any rain and be in the eastern half of the state where he could tear it up. As I said, he was pumped.!


We ended the coversation with him asking how my music was going...would I ever get back out to see him and sing somewhere near Vegas. He was a grand thoughtful guy...his heart on fire for this board and all who frequent it...fire like the tattos he wore...he was always plugged in. I've never known anyone like him..."prolly"(his word) never will.


SirRodney & I were gearing up at our first ( & only..!! dang it) Torrey...and here is Gleno - gassing his steed up in the early morning...and right next to the pumps he does a monster GSXR burnout...M O N S T E R..burnout...smoke everywhere. Rodney leans over to me and asks -- "Who dat??"...I saw the scooter and saw his form mounted on it - and said with a wry smile "...oh, dat be Gleno..."


Dat be Gleno - a friend truer than true. I can only hope to emulate his passion and love for mankind and his true spirit...


He will not be forgotten...not ever..


Godspeed, my friend...I wish I could be there this weekend...Your McIntosh family and extended friends remains in my every prayer.

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..."prolly"(his word) ....



Yeah, I find some of his words creeping into my language and writing, also. :




Yea Baybay, prolly mo mofrakers spreading the love today than ever before.

Yo Glenno, I lov ya Bro

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I don't have any pics or tales of time with Gleno.


But today I made a trip to Lowes. While there, the song Lisa (90% Angel) used in her tribute came on. It was all I could do to choke back the tears. Fortunately, I was on the bike. I decided to take the 40 mile route home. I happen to know a few less traveled roads close by that, given enough speed, can be kinda fun. Sweeper Madness it ain't, but you do what you can with what you got.


So, a bunch of miles, & a handfull of curves, on the high side of a hunnert, all while thinking of Gleno, I was feelin' better.


I think that would have made him happy.


Which is why I did it.


My tribute to the life that was Gleno.

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I don't have any special Gleno moments. I enjoyed his company and he treated Louise and I like family every time we saw him.


I felt like I knew him very well, I know he lived life like I wished I could. I only saw him riding fast one time and it was impressive. I remember saying to my self, if he wasn't so big he could have been a successful racer.


Deep down I think Gleno was born 100 years too late, if he had been born in a different time they would have been writing books about him. I know he would have been one of the fastest guns in the west. Who knows what kinda trouble he coulda have got into the the days of the Wild Wild West.


He may have struck gold in a mine. Or built steam engines.


Really I'm glad he was around for me to get to know him.


BTW....I got a lot of PMs from him in a language I never deciphered....California slang and text messaging language are a hard mix for this dumb Texan. Lots of two letter words that took me awhile to figure out, some I never did.





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My last visit with Gleno was at DVD 07. He was holding court around the bar as per usual. I just arrived and approached the bar and as soon as Gleno saw me, I received a rousing "what's up my brother?" followed by a bear hug. I heard him greet many more friends that evening in that same manner. That's the point. Gleno had this incredible ability to make everyone he met feel like family. That is a gift I wish I had. The world would be a better place if we could all be like that. Rest in peace my brother.



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For those of you who couldn't be there, and for those of you who didn't get a chance to see it, this was handed out at the service. It was a little 4 page booklet. Sorry the quality isn't better, but this is the best I could do.










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