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Saddel bags or rear carrier

Urban Surfer

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My bro has a triumph, I believe the model is a thunder bird. He has been unable to find any bags or a rear carrier that will fit on the bike.

Any one have any Ideas?

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For hard bags, Givi or maybe Hepco and Becker. Try These guys


There are all sorts of soft luggage available. The above site also has some of that. There are many more. Try an internet search on motorcycle luggage.

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I've always liked the Triumph bikes, but you'd better like them stock because not much is made for them. (at least in the past) your other option might be to modify saddle bag mounts to accept universal bags. I use to have a Kaw nomad and I made racks to put a harly tour pack and front fairing on. WInter is a great time to do this kind of stuff. If you are handy with mud and a gun, you can buy damaged bags on ebay for a song and rebuild them. The only tools I needed were a drill and a sander.


good luck

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