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Seriously, got whacked again, this time I was on it.


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I am walking. Just kidding. Real quick, guy coming out of a dirt parking lot. I just rounded a corner to back an officer on a call. Did not see, him and he did not see me. Very small cut under left eye, smacking the windshield. Jug and crash bar save my legs, I believe. Happened so fast, remember giving the brakes hell. ABS, kept me up right. Glad I was on BMW and glad the maker did not want me yet. So I am still here. Sarge said I done more damage in two days than in the whole motor unit history. Just remember to be safe, and enjoy things you love to do, blow off the little stuff. Life is very short.


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D@mn man,

This isn't your week.

Glad you're OK.

Hope there are some bikes left for you to ride. If not, I hope BMW can bump up production to keep up with you....

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Calvin  (no socks)

John, there is another back up motor in the pool.... Keep it in perspective.... Any landing you can walk away from is a good one... dopeslap.gif

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crazy.gif too much of anything isn't good, right?

Glad you're OK, again.

If I didn't know better I'd think you were trying to speed up delivery of the 1200's. tongue.gif

Hang in there.

motorman 2 cages 0 lurker.gif

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You know ... all those well wishes yesterday weren't intended to get you to go out and try to beat yesterdays hit!


If you post up about another wreck tomorrow, I'm going to personally put on some diapers, jump in the car ... wait, wrong news story. We'll start a petition, alleging some kind of complaint to get you some paid vacation time until your luck heals! How 'bout that! smile.gif

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Dang, Dude! I missed the post the others are referring to (I'll have to go look, now), but just you knock that shiite off!! tongue.gif


Just because you ride the best enforcement bike on the road doesn't mean you need to keep proving it!! dopeslap.gif



Oh, and don't worry, "chicks dig scars"! lmao.gif

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Lessee, you were already on the street, and he was comin' out of a parking lot, so could it be said that the guy in the truck failed to yield?


Ya know, for a little bit maybe you should do the street construction monitor detail... grin.gif

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What some folks do just to have something to tell on Ride Tales !!!! eek.gifeek.giflmao.gif


Glad you survived this one too..... don't make it a habit, then it gets boring ! smirk.gif

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Maybe your department is using you for BAIT! Seems like an expensive way to write a couple of tickets, but maybe it's a slow week. Why else would they be putting you on the invisible motorcycles?

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Inspiration!! "Enjoy the things you love to do. Blow off the little stuff - Life is very short."


That's it! It's 45 out headed to the mid 50's. I'm taking a deep breath, shutting down the PC, blowing off the little stuff, and going riding! Back roads to Suches - I'll be there by noon.

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Not sore today, scratch under the eye ok too. I was told to drive a car today. Too much to due, childseat, court, lunch and had put all my stuff on another bike, so enforcment is out the window. Thanks for all the well wishing. Realize something last night. If the good lord wants ya, he can take ya at anytime. This crash could of easy been very bad, even at low speed. I think the stuff and gear I was wearing saved my skin. Yup, I was wearing a leather jacket, it was cold. The glasses I believe saved my eye and the motor, me. Ride safe. Watch those left turners.

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Wow....just wow. So glad you are ok. If you're stuck in the cage for a few days I hope the weather's crappy so you won't miss being on the bike. grin.gif


Stay safe...er safer. Oh, and thank you for doing what is often times a pretty thankless job.

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Didn't you recently say that your dept. has new bikes coming in soon? I'm beginning to think your current bikes are suicidally depressed over being replaced!


Take care out there!

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all the things about florida being God's waiting room need to be taken seriously... it may not be your turn but some half flushed local may still punt you ahead of your turn;


glad to see you walked away thumbsup.gif



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Dude, I'm just glad I got to have lunch with you today..


BTW folks, he forgot to tell you what kind of cage they made him drive today......nice 'stang buddy...yeah, you're suffing! lmao.gif

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