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RIP Black Bart


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Yup. No suspension. No brakes. No gloves. Even no hay bales in that pic. And I'll bet that's a cement wall.


Just leathers, an open-face helmet and a steel skid shoe. Those guys had some coj's.


Interesting to see Gary in your pic, Glen. He rode in Bart's era, but also ended up up roadracing a 700cc Yamaha four in Europe. He never won the titles Bart did, but he road a broader gamut of machinery, and did it very, very well.


For a couple of years, Fred Nix's mechanic owned a house about 3 blocks over from where I grew up. We would ride our Schwinn StingRays over and just sit on the sidewalk, daring not to set foot on even the sacred driveway, and watch him work on the bikes in the garage. When Fred was there (or Gary too, who was often a visitor) they would sometimes come out and talk to us or bring out some ice water and we'd sit on the porch and they'd tell tales or answer our dumb questions.


Good memories.


Godspeed Bart.

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I remember him. Always a sad moment when one of the greats passes. bncry.gif
I think this is the thread that hits me the hardest... The word "if" keeps coming to mind.


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