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Custom GIVI bag mounts on an R-RS


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I recently bought my second R11--RS. The first one was a 2000 R1100RS this one is a 2002 R1150RS. Great bike, but the BMW bags suck big time! They leak and don't have the neat little combo lock opening of the Givis. I have three other bikes that I use both the 21L and the 41L bags on. So I needed to whip up a set of GIVI mounts for the R-RS. I bought a set of mounts for the Honda VFR and using hack saw and welder, made therm fit.

The nice thing about these mounts is they are instantly removable when you want to ride naked!

Here are pictures of the set-up........

I can use the 21L bags.....



or the 41L bags with the neat little access cover. An absolute must on a long tour....



The mounts are pretty ugly...good thing they are removable!...



These mounts are the only thing remaining when you remove the mounts...





This is a view of the bobbed rear fender and the bracket I welded up ....



More Pictures Here..


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