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Hi Guy's

Does anyone know or tried this stuff? after a trip from there website, make me feel like I can leave my tire repair kit,tools,pump... at home and go ride without worry about flat tires. And does anyone know where to buy some? and how much to put in each tire? Thanks

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I have used ultraseal on and off over the years. With a clean puncture the stuff does its job and fixes the puncture without you noticing. This could be a bad thing if you do not check your tyres and do not know there is damage. If you check them you will see that purple mark and know that you got a spike and can make an informed decision as to whether to keep the tyre or replace it.


If you pick up a screw, or a tear, it does nothing except throw purple gunk over the bike.


At tyre change time it washes off with water and is no problem.


As to tyre warranties - Bridgestone told me by email that using any liquid sealant voids the warranty.


Ultraseal is widely available in the UK. I do not know about US dealers - does their website not list any?



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Another argument against such products is they make it hard to get a plug to stay in if you have to plug the tire because of the slipperyness. They are also messy when you change tires.

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I have a buddy of mine who used to change tires at a local tire shop. He made it very clear the hatred he and his co-workers felt toward people that used similar products in their tires

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Ultraseal is not sticky and resembles wall paper paste in texture.

I use it all the time and it did stop a fast deflation when a 6mm sq piece of aluminium went in. It did not stop the puncture but allowed me to stop from 70mph in a controllable manner with my wife on the back.

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Thank you all for the input I think I will give it a try for one reason, and one reason only, safety! I really don't care about the guy when he change my tires like it or hated it, also I really don't think he will care about my safety either. Thank again guy's. thumbsup.gif

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