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Motorcycle Gear Luggage


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I am going to traveling to Europe in the near future and need to take my riding gear with me - helmet, Aerostich Darien jacket and pants, gloves, boots. I know I have seen a piece of hard luggage that can be checked in on airlines that is designed specifically for transporting riding gear, but cannot find any reference to it now when I need to find it! In the past I kept seeing this piece of luggage all over the place!!! dopeslap.gif


Anyone have any suggestions or know what the name of this luggage is or where to get it? eek.gif



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I've never seen what you are asking about. I usually put the 'Stich and other gear in a large H2W bag. The helmet becomes a carry-on. When I get to my destination, I lash the bag on the bike, and I am good to go!



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no experience with any of this stuff, and it's probably not precisely what you had in mind (but maybe??) - google found me these:


Alpinestars 747


OGIO 6900


High Sierra Trapezoid


...that last one is aimed at snow boarders, but maybe...


Anyway - what I usually do is what was suggested above: helmet is carried on and the rest goes in a drybag of one type or another (lately I've been using a Sealine zip duffel) that then becomes bike luggage.


Good luck - and if you do find what you were originally looking for, please post it - always interested in interesting luggage. eek.gif

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The Ogio looks like the item I am was remembering. I will do some more digging and get a better idea on it. I was hoping for something that was hard luggage so I wouldn't have to take the helmet as carry on, but if so, so be it!


Thanks to all who replied. I will update this post as I come across additional info.



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