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I miss my sissy bar


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How do you strap things down on your bike? I can't find any good attachment points for bungee cords. In the olden days, a short bungee would hold spare glasses in front of my crotch and longer bungees for everything else between the sissy bar and back of the seat. Everything from attache case, book bag, or clothing duffle strapped down in seconds. Now, if it doesn't fit in the side cases, it doesn't fit. With the big, humped up gas tank, nothing fits on the front of the seat either. No more carrying chinese take out (although Shrimp and lobster sauce can make a really, really embarassing stain on the front of your pants).


So, how do you strap down things like laptop cases on an 1150RT?

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For a laptop case specifically, I use one of these:




I lay the case down on the pillion section of the seat, then put the net over it. They're available all over the Internet for about $5 (search for bungee net). I hook it over the side case mounts and frame points around the rear pegs.


A lot of folks here use Bungee Buddies to create hook points:




These are available a lot of places - I think www.cyclegadgets.com has them.'


For trips where I pickup a gallon of milk or Chinese food, I load it in my top case.

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Forgo the bungies and get some straps that wrap around the side case mounting rails/luggage rack.


Helen 2 Wheels makes a set with D-rings. Aerostitch has a number of solutions, figure 8 loops for your straps or bungies, ROK straps with a snap buckle, their D-ring straps . Aerostich also has loops similar to bungie buddies but large enough for either a bungie or a strap. A trip to the hardware store for some drawer pulls and faucet washers will accomplish the same thing, if you want/need to strap things to the top of your side cases. It should be noted that adding bungie buddies or other attachment points to the top of your panniers is great if you want to strap a tent or camelbak to the top of the sidecase, but really aren't the best solution for strapping things like a laptop to the pillion seat. The side case mounts aren't really designed for a large upward force, if you want to strap things to the back seat, you're probably better off with some loops (or straps with loops) around the mounting rails.





No more carrying chinese take out

I've just got to wonder just how much chinese you eat that it won't fit in one of the cases. lmao.gif

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