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02 R1150RT Battery Recommendation


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I guess its time to look for another battery for the mc. Can anybody make any recommendations and sources? I looked into the Odyssey PC680, but I don't see in the app charts where the R1150RT is recommended specifically. Thanks in advance for any advise.



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Got the 680 for my RT, had it for 3 years now with no problems. Only complaint is that the terminals are vertical, instead of horizontal as on the OE battery, thus my jumper terminal won't fit on the positive side without some reworking. As long as I remember to keep the amplifier for the XM turned off, I haven't needed the battery tender either.

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I also recently got the odyssey for an 04 RT and it's great, seems to have more juice on start up and has sat for weeks with no drain. Havn't used a batter tender since I bought it. Just remember to get the copper L shaped adapters for the posts. Bob's or A&S selss them.

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I was looking for the best battery I could find for my '02 R1150RT, and I chose the PC680. Bought it from this internet site.

http://www.batteryweb.com/cartview.cfm Good price and quick shipping--no affiliation, just good service.

Thanks Dick for the tip, I just ordered a battery (PC680) from them. Never mind the listed price of $99 I just got it for $80.95, they have the L adaptors others have been talking about for an additional $5.00, plus the shipping from FL. to CA. put me out the door at $101.38 The best thing is it's maintenance free and I can still use my standard Battery Tender.

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I just installed an Odyssey in my 04 RT this afternoon. Obviously its too early for me to tell if it is superior to the BMW gel battery but the parts guy at Atlanta BMW was sold on it and I imagine he gets a lot of input from his customers.

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We use Hawker batteries at work ( http://www.novaelectric.com/ ) in our military UPS Systems, and the "Genesis" type we use are very similar to the vaunted "Odyssey" battery Hawker sells for motorcycles. (I put a Genesis in all my bikes, 2004 R1150R, 2004 R1150RT, '71/'73/'74 Airheads) and it fits fine (same dimensions as the PC680).


Expected lifecycle is 8-10 years rated at 25 degrees ambient. This is about double what you would see out of the Exide gel cells normally sold by BMW for the bike. Our controller here at work has had a Genesis in his Harley since 1997, and it's still going strong! And best of all, it was free!! Perks of the job....


FYI low temp (-20 C) delivered capacity is roughly double the usual generic sealed, maintenance-free batteries we're used to on bikes, and shelf life is approximately 2 years (meaning it holds a charge for about 2 years, so you really don't need your Battery Tender anymore if you actually plan to ride the bike).


I deal with batteries for a living - let me tell you, if your OEM battery is shot, it's a NO-BRAINER to get a Hawker product.



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