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ABS warning


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Ok all this is my first post so to begin with I must confess to have been lurking, and benefiting already from the wealth of knowledge I have picked up here - thanks.

Now onto my problem.

I have an 1150rt 2003 with ABS. I am new to BMW and ABS. I quickly discovered that I could not rush the start up procedure and not only had to wait for the fast flashing of the ABS light to subside to the slow flash before pressing the starter but also I had to get out of the habit of holding the brake lever whilst sitting on the bike during the self check routine. So I think I am doing everything as per the book now and when I ride off the ABS light stops flashing and goes out. Occasionally though, and it has been after 50 yards and even a mile or so the ABS warning light has started flashing with the brakes assist disappearing. I initially thought it could be a weak battery as it was the original to the bike so I replaced this with an Odessey but I still get my problem occasionally. To be honest I have sort of convinced my self that it happens when I am not concentrating on the start up procedure and touch the brake before the self check routine has finished.

I know I could take it in to the dealer but as its not really a repeatable fault it would be my luck that it would not re-occur and they would just put it down to me being a BMW ABS novice.

So as all the best salesman would tell me - do

"they all do it" or is it me, or should I be concerned.

Apart from this niggle I really love the bike.

You comments would be appreciated.

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They do NOT all do that. You should take it to a dealer and have them check the system. There are stored fault codes that may tell them what is at fault.



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skinny_tom (aka boney)

Are you somewhat mechanically inclined?


You'll need to see what the fault code is, but first, check to make sure the little micro switches at the lever and pedal are clean and doing their little clikcy-clicky thing. Then make sure the brake pedal is freely returning to the stop. (This is where my problem was- the brake pedal got gunk in it and didn't go all the way back up.) Then, if you have the tools, check the clearance between the sensors and the little "tone-rings" on your wheels and at the same time make sure those rings are true.


Had your gas tank off? If you can do it, then check the fluid level at the ABS module. If you can't/haven't/don't want to get that far into it, then it's time for the dealer.

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Thank you,

I will be ivestigating further tonight. One thought I had was whether the rear brake reservoir being overfilled could cause it. All the fluids had been topped up prior to me collecting the bike so I think I will try setting it back to between the upper and lower levels.

I will check the points you mentioned.

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