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Alternator trouble on R1200RT

John Bentall

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Last Monday my 19-month,16,000-mile-old 1200RT disgraced itself when its alternator charging light failed to extinguish. The ride home from in the dark in London traffic was interesting. I had put the lights into service mode, cutting out the dip beam. That bike is not stupid! As the battery lost capacity, it first shut off the radio (who needs "Drive Time"?), then the indicators (you've still got arms?), but, as I entered the driveway, finally delivered the coup-de-grace by shutting off servo-assistance to the brakes (aaargh!).

It was trailered off by BMW Assist to Sawbridgeworth, as my supplying dealer couldn't touch it due to staff sickness. The alternator arrived promptly, but the use-once, press-fit pulley did not. It is a separate part - apparently on 7 day back-order. A new v-belt is automatically used.

The machine was actually finished yesterday but BMW Assist will only return it if the dealer is over 30 miles away (but only 10 for cars!). Sawbridgeworth transported it back for a modest fee.

While it was up on the ramp, they changed the final drive fluid for an equally modest 45 pounds (US$85) for my peace of mind.

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