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Numbers Game...Let's Play


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Here's what...post a pic of the numbered topic that you are posting to. Pretty simple. Can be ANYTHING...must have the next number in the pic.


I'll start....#1




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23rd Psalm

(Adapted by Ryan Kearse)


The Lord is all that, I need for nothing.

He allows me to chill.

He keeps me from being heated

and allows me to breathe easy.

He guides my life so that

I can represent and give

shouts out in his Name.

And even though I walk through

the Hood of death,

I don't back down

for you have my back.

The fact that you have me covered

allows me to chill.

He provides me with back-up

in front of my player-haters

and I know that I am a baller

and life will be phat.

I fall back in the Lord's crib

for the rest of my life.

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No photo (what's new) but I just googled myself for the 1981 12 Hours of Sebring and discovered it was the 29th Annual running of the race. I remembered my car number, it was 29.

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