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A Beautiful Night


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Thursday is my favorite work day. It's a "Momma" day. I can ride to work, and when I get out at 8:00 I'm responsible for no one but myself.


I decided this night to head up US1 from Vero Beach (FL) to a little place called Malabar Mo's in, you guessed it, Malabar. It's the favorite hang-out of one of my (horse) riding buddies, so knowing she'd be there I headed north.


The temp was in the 70s. No traffic on the road and an amazing full-moon was shimmering off of the Indian River that runs alongside US1 from Sebastian to Melbourne. I very recently bought a half-helmet and totally forgot to get some clear eye protection. Oops! Well, I know this is sacrilege to admit in the land of ATGATT, LOL but it felt great!!!!! (Don't worry I'm buying clear glasses this weekend)


I cruised up US1 with the wind in my face, if not my hair, loving life. This, my friends, is what mototcycling is about!


Had a great fried clam basket and a beer with my buddy and her husband and headed back home around 10:30. Took Malabar Road to Babcock. Didn't see but two cars the whole way. The moon was so bright it was almost eerie especially while driving through the Preserve. How odd to look in the mirrors at night and see....everything!


Normally, I would feel a bit "Oh God don't let me break down out here right now!" riding through such desolate places...but not tonight. It was like loping a good horse down a wooded trail. I've done plenty of moonlit horseback rides and I would be hard pressed to say which is better. 'Course you can drink a beer while you are riding the horse. Hmmmmmm, too close to call.


Just before turning onto my dirt road the fastest oppossum ever crossed my path. Luckily the guy was polite enough to move so quickly I got a good look at him, but didn't have to swerve or brake. He was off into the bushes before I got anywhere near him.


Got through the deep sand on the corner and through all the dead leaves in my yard and brought Blue in for a landing in the hangar. I really do love riding with DH and my friends, but ssssssh, don't tell anybody....but little rides like this one are truly my favorite.

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