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Airbox on 1200GS


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I did a search but couldn't find anything on this...


How does one access the air filter on the 1200GS? I'd like to be able to inspect it more regularly, especially after taking my GS off-road.

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From the right side with the trim panels removed, you must remove the air intake snorkel running up to the front and into the right side of the air box. The air filter is vertical just behind it.

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Here is a picture of the snorkle on an RT. The GS is basically the same. Note the tabs at the top and bottom--the far left where the snorkle meets the air box. You'll need to press them down and slide the snorkle toward you.




On the GS the manual recommends a visual check of the throttle valve cable to make sure it is fully seated. This must be something you can bump when installing the snorkle.



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