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CB antenna: R12RT


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OK, I was told by the dealer that the antenna that is used on the front of the RT can also be used as a CB antenna, you just need the right connection, but it will transmit the signal no problem. I don't have the radio on my bike but I'm looking for a more integrated (plug and play) system for my hand held CB. I'd like to put it in the glove box and use the antenna on the front faring. This should work yes? no? maybe? confused.gif

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There's a separate splitter that is orderable (and probably can also be sourced outside of BMW) which takes the antenna lead and allows both the AM/FM and CB radios to connect to it.


I haven't actually hooked mine up yet, but I'm planning to give it a try. I don't suspect that the onboard antenna will provide the same kind of coverage that a 4' Firestik would when properly tuned, but as long as it's better than the rubber ducky, it should be fine for my needs.

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The splitter you refer to will make the CB happy by thinking it has a tuned antenna hooked to it, however since the FM antenna an odd length for CB frequencies, there will be a very limited amount of actual output power going out (or in) to the radio itself...Probably good for line of sight communications as long as you're not looking too far ahead grin.gif...

As to comparing it to the rubber ducky.....Not too sure I'd go there either grin.gif If a toss-up, the Rubber duck might win the contest....


Good Luck

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