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NippyNormans Hugger's ??


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Hummm. I thought this thread had something to do with the average age of BMW riders and bladder control... lmao.gif


Actually this looks like a pretty good idea, but $250.00 might be a little steep?

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Yes I fitted one aout 3 weeks ago, but stupidly forgot to take any pics! Have to take back wheel off to make job easier (torqueing up wheel properly requires right sized torx bit..a pain but oh so necessary). Was pretty easy to fit, quality is fine (is fibreglass rather than plastic) and it certainly keeps more rubbish off the rear shock and panniers. Main down point is have to remove and discard the black plastic cover from over the brake pipe running on top of paralever arm. Then have to cable tie pipe to bracket. Slightly unsightly.... Would buy again though for the difference it makes. Oh, and I also got the front fender extender at same time form Norman and that does a good job too. That took 5 mins to fit.

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Well, transferred £120 from my wallet to Nippy Norman's and received in return one hugger.


Installation was quite simple, but a bit fiddly when actually bolting the hugger in.


First, get the wheel off and remove the mudflap which protects the rear shock. It says in the instructions it's easier if you remove the mudflap - no, it's essential.


The can turns round and down:




See the plastic protector along the torque arm? Remove it. The mudflap on the left needs to be out to get at the other screw. When you do, remember to notice the clips holding the wires going down to the shock [ahem eek.gif ] and carefully unclip them.





This is what you get for your money - the hugger and the bracket, plus a few screws, washers and a couple of cable clips.





Bolt the bracket to the torque arm with the supplied screws and washers (I used Loctite to be on the safe side). After bolting up the bracket I replaced the mudflap, but with hindsight, I think that was a mistake. Probably better left until the hugger's bolted on the bracket - there are three bolts, one at the front centre of the hugger and two at the side. Fit them all loosely. Doing up the front centre one is a pig.


This is it fastened in place:





Cable tie the brake line to the torque arm, replace the wheel, sort out the can, et voila....:








Looks pretty cool, and it's a good fit round the wheel and tyre. I reckon it should keep some of the crud off the panniers and rear end quite successfully.


It'll be interesting to see if there are clearance problems on fully-compressed suspension, but I'm trusting that Nippy has got it sorted. He's been selling enough BMW accessories for long enough.... dopeslap.gif

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