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Ruggedized PDAs


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Sometime ago I remember seeing a pic (I think on this board) of an 1200RT with a PDA mounted front and center. Haven't found the pic yet, but did find a German company selling ruggedized Pocket PCs:




I've come to realize that I need a GPS system (I'm always getting lost in the Paris area...) but I'd prefer to spend my hard earned cash on something that not only does GPS but also email, web browsing, Skype, etc. This ruggedized approach might be the way to go.


Are there any useful links for mounting/using Pocket PCs on BMWs and other bikes? I'm not finding too much.



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Russ, I had the same thought. So I enabled my Treo with a Bluetooth GPS and DeLorme Street Atlas. I then picked up a weatherproof case from Ram.


The screen on the Treo washed out in the daylight. I would have to map and load a route into the Treo. It was painfully slow to re-calculate a route (3-5 min) if I got off track.


I now use a Garmin 2610. I am very happy with it. Save your money and just go with a GPS. imho

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Different strokes for different folks I guess. I went the Pocket PC in a waterproof case route and find it very nice. Admittedly, when I first went this route, GPS/MP3 player combos weren't readily available. With the PocketPC I can load it up with MP3's and play them while running the GPS.


I have a Dell Axim with a Garmin bluetooth receiver and Garmin software in an Otterbox case attached to a RAM mount. I can upload waypoints at home or create them on the Axim while away. Off-route recalculation varies with location, but I'm fairly sure it's never taken 3 minutes, 30-60s is probably typical. Yes, in the worst cases the screen will wash out, but if I'm using it for guidance, I've got the voice as well.


And when I stop, I can check my email, get on the web, edit documents, (I even have the entire service manual at my disposal), etc.









Axim in Otterbox



RAM mount on bike





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