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What's in a clutch kit (R1100RT)?


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From reading various posts, I understood that a "clutch kit" would come boxed as a balanced set, and would include the diaphragm spring, pressure plate, clutch friction plate, housing cover, plus the washer, and screws (items #2-#9 below), i.e. everything required for a complete clutch replacement.


I just ordered a kit from BMW and received the major components only (#4, #5, #6, #7), but not the washer or screws. Also, they came as individual components, not as a set. Does anyone have a BMW list of what's supposed to come in the "clutch kit" (P/N: 21 21 2 325 876)? Is this what others have received when they ordered their "clutch kit"? confused.gif






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I had to have my clutch rebuilt on the way back from Torrey this year. Herbert Cycles in Baton Rouge did the work. My invoice shows the kit for $441, and 6 bolts and 6 washers listed and priced separately. If you ever break down on the road, do it close to their shop. They treated me right.

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the clutch "kit" is just merely an easy way to order the main clutch components. As you stated, it does not include the bolts or washers. There is not any difference in ordering the kit vs each part separate, its just easier to order the kit instead of each parts. They are still pulled and shipped in their own boxes as they would be if ordered individually. So its just more convenient to order 1 part instead of 4, and you save a couple of bucks with the kit.

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