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To Replace or Not


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Ok...another suspension question...


I have to change my shocks and was wondering if I should do both at the same time...I know for sure that my rear shock is done but how do I know that my front is done...the bike still feels good in the front but the rear is sloppy...


I priced out the Ohlins vs the OEM and for about $400.00 bucks more I can have the Ohlins so I guess that I will go with the Ohlins...the supplier suggested that I change both (ter-ching for him)...suggestions welcome.



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Definitely replace both, the change to Ohlins will amaze you, worth doing when the bike is new IMHO (I waited 78K!)




I just replaced mine on my 25K R1200GS, and it was amazing how much more comfortable and confident I felt.


I purposely didn't wait till mine were completely toast so that I could put the old ones on when I am having my Ohlins rebuilt.


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