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Narrow Boots?


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I'm in the market for an additional pair of boots. These will be used in the summer and on track days (I already have a pair of BMW Goretex boots). My question is: which brands run narrow (I wear a B-width in a dress shoe). I'm looking at the usual boots from Sidi, Alpinestar, Daytona, etc. Thanks!



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Red Wing offers B widths in their women's boots. I own two different pairs, and prefer their model #1698. Does that make me a cross-dresser?



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I have the same problem with a narrow foot but I have to find a narrow in a size 14 or 15. If someone finds a narrow in those sizes let me know!



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I wear a 13 narrow. My current boot, a cruiserworks boot (can not remember model) came in a narrow. It was more of a "C" widith than "B" width, but with two pair of socks it does fine. I have had it 4 years, never leaked and the sole is oil, acid resistant. It has been a great everyday boot. Probably not a track day boot. However I am pretty sure they make it in a 14 and maybe even a 15.


I bought the boots 4 years ago, and maybe they have extended their line to include other models in a narrow width.


check them out

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I wear an 11A and I've added a "Super Sole" insert to my Sidi Sympatex boots and been quite happy. (Actually, so much so, that after 5 years, I bought a second pair.) The Sidis are waterproof (tested blush.gif ), don't look too "Robocop" and allow a fair bit of walking in comfort. thumbsup.gif



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