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Side stand switch reconnect


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Hi all,


I would really like to reconnect the sidestand switch on my 2000 RT. Where should I look to get this plugged back up? PO said he had the dealer disconnect it. Is this a simple "plug it back in" and go situation?





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You'll have to figure out just how the wiring was modified.

The two wires going to the switch have to be connected together somehow in order for the bike to start. That is bypassing the operation of the switch.

It may be as simple as a jumper inserted into the frame connector or maybe the connector has been cut off and the wires spliced together.

Is the sidestand switch still there?



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This article shows you where all the connectors are. This article shows another way the sidestand switch may have been bypassed. Also look at the wires coming out of the switch, which are right behind the sidestand - that's a popular location for cutting and jumpering them (ugh).
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On my 1100GS the DPO cut the wires and completely pulled out the switch. Now the sidestand flops around and the wires are just hanging there soldered together. Yikes!

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