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CTEK Battery Charger


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Anybody hear of these?




They make three different types.


The dealer is hooked-up because they're made locally and recommending them.

- Web site says "ideal for all types of lead-acid batteries."

- Brochure mentions "fits virtually all lead-acid battery types: flooded, maintenance-free, gel, AGM." (I know a real stretch there)


I have a BMW lead-acid type charger for the Odyssey in the 1100R but I know it can't be used on the CAN-bus bikes. Going to go direct to battery with the aux. socket anyway.


Just wondered if this one can be used or just get something compatible with the new style batteries - I believe they are gel, correct?


Thanks for the help.



And by the way, you guys are in trouble, the RT is through production and ready to ship smile.gif (no, it wasn't on the Napoli)


It's everybody's fault here that I ordered a new bike anyway grin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gif

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Thanks, John.


I guess no one else has heard of them. frown.gif


Yes Yes, we have them over here in the UK, nearly every bike shop I have been to is selling them, had a good write up in the press last fall thumbsup.gif

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Thank you.

I believe they have a Swedish connection. Perhaps that's why you fellas across the pond are familiar.


Amazing to get only responses from another continent for a product actually made down the street.

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They are sold here in Australia. In fact my local club the BMW Motorcycle Club of Victoria sells them to members. Recommended for AGM batteries as they need a little higher charge rate then wet cell bateries.





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